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VMukti Helps in Redefine Current Private Education Industry

After half-a-century of being an exclusive club, the private education sector widely known as the coaching institutes will finally open their gates wider.


Ahemdabad, Gujrat -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2010 -- Assigned the task of reaching out to more Indian students, coaching institutes have gradually but at a faster pace are drawing up plans to set up a virtual coaching institutes India wide.

Coaching Industry experts term it as the next radical change in the education industry. "Virtual private institutes would now be not restricted to limited seats at higher pay basically, as now the new mantra is “wherever you are we are there, to spread knowledge.” Virtual Education would make quality education accessible to many more students using modern tools instead of setting up brick-and-mortar campuses.

Thanks to VMukti, which has made a this distant dream dream of virtual education come true. The job may be said to have already begun. The leading C. A. Institutes, MBA coaching classes have already been engulfed in this virtual wave. They now provide virtaual education in their respective private education field across India with complete interactivity, all because of VMukti’s streaming technology. Under this, streaming technology, VMukti enables a coacher to spread knowledge from his own geographical location with complete interactivity with the students scattered in different locations across India.

Vmukti’s this virtual streaming education exercise is ambitious. Soon there would be no dearth of quality education now would there be a problem of illetracy.The idea of a virtual technical university was first mooted by the P Rama Rao Committee, which looked at expanding quality engineering education across the country in 2006.

The P Rama Rao report, which first mooted the idea of a virtual technical university, had pointed out that engineering colleges are plagued by factors like faculty shortage, forcing several institutes to recruit teachers who do not possess the minimum prescribed qualifications. An inferior quality of education is the result.

Issues like several bright brains who are identified in the small age but are not able fly further in the field of academics of of lack of proper coaching or due to restrictive student capacityis now been resolved.

VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has assembled the technological tools to promote interactive learning and educate each and every student, webbased with complete interactivity on low bandwith of as low as 250kbps. VMukti connects learners and educators to a single platform allowing continuous interaction and feedback. VMukti endeavour to bridge the great digital knowledge gap between the system and the industry needs with webbased streaming solution.

VMukti has redefined the role technology can and will play in education industry. Through the use of computers and the Internet, communication & knowledge sharing between the best & the learners has & will greatly improve. VMukti’s concept of “Making world really small by connecting bridges has been a boon to the education sector & mankind at large

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