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User’s Conference Profiles Ultriva Lean Suite 7.0 Features


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2010 -- Ultriva’s Lean Execution Suite consists of modules like Customer Kanban, Supplier Kanban, Internal Kanban, SBR, Lean Production and OEE, which allow manufacturing companies to systemize, sustain, and scale lean disciplines across the organization. Ultriva's flagship product, Collaborative Electronic Kanban, eliminates stock-outs while reducing inventory levels up to 75%. Ultriva modules are in use in more than 130 plants worldwide, incorporating more than 5,000 suppliers, transacting over 1.5 billion dollars of inventory at industry leaders such as AGCO, CNH, Emerson, IR-Trane, McKesson, Rexnord, and ThermoFisher.

Narayan Laksham, CEO of Ultriva, (http://www.ultriva.com) announced the optimized features for the Ultriva Lean Suite 7.0 at the 2010 User’s Conference on May 12 – 13. Ultriva is leading the way toward more efficient lean business practices with a practical, automated approach. The company is focused on helping businesses improve collaboration and drive streamlined processes through demand and supply—removing the traditional tiers that can slow down operations.

Ultriva Lean Suite 7.0:

• Enhanced enterprise wide search feature
• Ability to export data from any grid with 1click
• More analysis tools to support supplier performance and improvement efforts
• Overall Equipment Effectiveness module to capture, analyze and improve operations at the machine and operation level
• Added master label capability to perform shipment or receipt transaction for a group of kanban labels
•Added Run Line Residence Time capability to Kanban sizing

Ultriva Supplier Integration Benefits:

•The Supplier can import / automate the records to be directly into their own MRP/ERP
•Shipping records can be directly exported and update the Ultriva site
•Decrease time required in the ordering process
•Reduction of Muda
•Ease of communication
•Standard and consistent communication
•Data consistency (Poka Yoke)

Cindy McGowan