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Rental World – AG Promotes Box International of Genoa

Exclusive agreement between Rental World and Box International


Genoa, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2010 -- On 1 June 2010, an agreement was signed between Rental World AG and Box International S.r.l. of Genoa.

The Rental World AG is part of the Houcon Group based in Sweden and provides rolltrailers to transport companies, couriers, freight forwarders, ports and similar customers worldwide.

Box International S.r.l. has over 30 years experience operating in the field of ISO Container Services positioning the company as a leader both nationally and internationally. Box International sells and rents all types of new and used ISO shipping containers, storage and forwarding units including monoblocks created for office use - with dressing rooms - with or without sanitation and air conditioning.

Since June 2010, Box International S.r.l. therefore has been appointed as the exclusive agent of Rental Wolrd AG in Italy for the leasing and rental of all its products and in particular, the 100-Ton Rolltrailers made available to all interested parties as specified in the attached sheet below. This exclusivity comes out of the necessity that Box International S.r.l. completes the range of services and products made available to shipowners, shippers, carriers and those in the export industry.

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