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Combining Twitter and Facebook for Bringing Traffic


Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2010 -- In order to get maximum traffic to your website, it will be better to combine Facebook with Twitter. Combining both of the social networking sites pose an effective marketing strategy rather than working separately on the two.

There are very similar functions that join both of them and that are particularly status updates. Due to this similarity, there exist really great tools as well as applications that allow users to integrate the two.

Twitter clients like Seesmic and Tweetdeck. These refer to two Twitter desktop clients which allow you to browse your friends’ Facebook status updates as well as your own status from their interface. There isn’t any need to own a web browser to open or logged into the Twitter or Facebook sites.

Twitter and selective twitter status applications refer to two Facebook applications that approve your tweets to automatically post in your profile. Selective twitter status is great as you are the one who decide which specific tweets will be selected to update your Facebook status. Thus, your friends who are non-familiar with Twitter language will not be confused by frequent status updates.

Another free application is Vlingo application which is compatible with Blackberry, Nokia and iphone thus allowing you to update your Facebook and Twitter status using your voice right from your phone.

Another great tool for integrating twitter and Facebook is Friendfeed application. This application helps consolidates all of your social media activities across varied networks at one place. In case, you are importing your twitter feed, each time you tweet, the result will be posted on your Facebook wall. It will be preferable to update the status every now and then with every tweet. is a very good site that makes way for you to post tweets as Facebook status updates as well as post links which you tweet on your Facebbok wall, ignore @replies, change@ mentions to real names and more. All this is done through usage of Facebook Connect.

In case you are looking for a way for letting your friends of Facebook understand that you tweet and encourage them to follow you, you can add one of these applications. Both of them allow you to insert a graphic or text which can eventually be linked to your twitter profile.

By combining both of the social networking sites, you can save a lot of time and efforts. This is because time management is the key tool while using social networking sites.

Apart from these methods, you can even use the same old photo of yourself on both the websites and will help the instant recognition factor. But make sure that the overall message on Twitter, your Facebook fan page as well as your website is hand in glove with professional representation of your brand, book and business.

You can even consider activities like running contests on Twitter as well as encourage people to move you from Twitter and enter the portals of becoming a fan on Facebook page.

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