U.S. prosperity on the Neck of the Entire World; At All Costs


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2010 -- There is much uncertainty in the world. The current cast of world leader characters, such as Obama want the American people to believe there are no more true enemies in the world. Rather, we should be tolerant of others no matter what flag they carry as much of the problems we see today are the result of the former Presidential administration.

For years the Western Civilization has been on the decline. For centuries western influences have created the world we see today. Western European nations conqueror foreign lands in its pursue of an Imperial Empire. Yet the hope of the world in the 1700's was a small nation called the United States of America. A nation that believed in individual rights, and whose belief was that it was okay the nation didn't need to support other nation's around the world in order to pursue freedom, liberty and happiness.

The American founding fathers knew that having strong relationships with other countries might become the downfall of the nation. The United States of America was not created to be a world dominating power, but rather a nation that celebrated life, enjoyed freedom realizing freedom isn't free, all underneath the label of being a Republic - One Nation under God.

Over the decades things have changed. The United States is a supreme world super power that has created much good and bad in the pursuit of ensuring all people around the world can enjoy freedom and democracy. But at what expense has America gain such power and what about the citizens of the United States?

For years our inner cities have been forgotten. For years America's infrastructure has continued to decay, yet what are our national leaders doing right now? Can you say outsourcing of America and being involved in foreign affairs on both the political and military side of the world and in many cases these are issues the United States should not be involved.

On the political front the United States seems more concerned about the world economy versus the economy of the United States. Sure, the United States is part of the global community of nations, and we are living in a time where the world economy must be looked at versus the national economy... Really? This doesn't make sense. It is kind of like an alcohol or drug addict going out in the world trying to help other addicts, but when does this addict decide to fix the problems of their own.

When is the United States going to realize we are bankrupted and the nation must start addressing our problems domestically versus internationally without spending government money? One of the major problems is the majority of United States corporations must stop worrying about profits that are ultimately driven by greed, which has gotten the United States into our current economic problem, and should start placing all their focus on the American people. People will think this statement is ridiculous since it's all about the global economy, but seriously the American people represent the world's largest GDP. Protectionism and development of local economies must become a top priority.

On the military front, what is the United States fighting this war in the Middle East about again? It obviously isn't over weapons of mass destruction, or oil, or better yet Iran actually having a nuclear bomb. Oh yeah, we are trying to rid the world of terrorism in the name of a justified war, yet at what expense? Whether you are a believer in Jesus Christ or not, all will say he was an amazing being, and wasn't it Jesus that said to turn the other cheek and to love one another? Has the United States even tried this approach beyond paying off the world in economic aid so it could continue its own Imperial expansion on the neck of all the nations all so the American people can enjoy getting fat on fast food, buying the latest junk and purchasing the ultimate status symbol of American success, the flat screen TV with perhaps 3D these day? But I am sure some of you will discount anything to do with Jesus or this statement, but the reality is, whether you agree or not, the current worldview approach and direction of the United States must change.

The Middle East has been fighting for years, so how does the United States think it is going to fix these already existing problems? Does it make sense to conqueror and occupy an entire country or countries at the expense of terrifying its people versus being strategic and going after the head of the snake to cut it off forever?

Recent news about the Bin Laden hunter sparked the interest of many, so why isn't the United States trying to surgically combat terrorism? Unfortunately this isn't the case as the United States continues to meddle in the problems of the world as all its focus seems to be place elsewhere versus the United States.

The United States military strategy is ridiculous. We have an entire South West border that needs to be protected. A recent report entitled, "A Line in the Sand" say's it all. The problem isn't immigration; the problem is the drug cartels. Ask any Border Patrol agent about their job responsibilities, as they will shrug off the importance of immigration control, and state their fight is against enemy combatants. Period. Yet, the United States continues to fight a war that will drive the nation into deeper in debt while its own borders go unprotected.

Last week Obama decided he was going to hang out with the Russian President. In fact they ran out of their armored vehicles in Washington D.C. to grab some hamburgers as if they were life long buddy buds. Less than a week later we find out a ring of Russian deep cover spies have been arrested in the United States. Sure, spying is not something new and will always continue to take place, yet who do you think is one of the masterminds behind the entire Middle East problem. Can you say Russia?

Yes, Russia. Think about it. Russian and Iran are allies, with strong ties to Venezuela. Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, and recent lack of support and ridiculous comments by American citizens including those in positions of power seem to be backing away from support of Israel. If Russia couldn't win the war in Afghanistan why does the United States think they can? Once again, the real enemies are those the current Presidential administration is warming up to which makes you think whether or not the master plan of those in power right now, who merely are puppets, is the continued outsourcing of the United States of America to those who hold the nations debt.

When a person is in debt typically their creditors will come after them in one fashion or another. This is a fact. If you haven't paid attention lately over 60% of the American economy, if not higher, is own by foreign interests. To say these foreign interests, primarily Middle Eastern interests including China, aren't dedicating the direction America is heading is ridiculous as these nations once again are all in bed with Russia and pretty much every nation that has a red flag.

When are American's going to wake up and truly care about what is going on in the United States? When are American's going to want to make a difference and realize a potential invasion in the United States could take place at anytime?

Such an invasion could take place at our American borders as the drug cartel's otherwise known as para-military forces are the first wave of attack funded by billions in drug money, powered by the people of Mexico who want their land back from United States, El Salvador whose rising gang population is fueled by the United States deporting dangerous gangsters back to their country, and other Central America nations who can't stand American capitalism, all the way down to Venezuela. Venezuela would be the enabler of this invasion who will power this movement when the time is right. Perhaps the time will be right when the entire world economy collapses. And guess what? Guess who is the puppeteer manipulating the puppet in Venezuela? Can you say Iran and behind Iran is Russia.

The United States is at war. Period. To think a war couldn't come to the United States is idiotic. For years the American people have lived underneath the belief nothing could happen here in the United States. Many thought September 11, 2001 would be the eye opener that America is vulnerable. The sad part is the United States people do not have long-term memory and so often forget the mistakes and horrors of the past. You can't necessarily blame the American people considering all the garbage they watch on television that makes them somehow believe they are superstars in their own reality show as they drift further into a deep slumber. Buy, buy, buy versus save, save, save as the American people still have a lot to learn. Those who are awake must start praying for the revival of a nation who stops those in power from driving the United States further into the ground as the nation is ultimately led back onto their hands and knees as it realizes the United States of America is a Republic - One Nation Under God.

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