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Free Ear Plug Trial Expands To 1,000,000 Samples To Raise Hearing Protection Awareness

HEAROS, America’s Favorite Ear Plug Brand, Extends Sample Program To Help Users Reduce Noise And Protect Hearing


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2010 -- HEAROS announced today it would expand its “free ear plug trial” program to raise awareness to hearing protection.

“For the past eighteen years, HEAROS has raised awareness to the negative impact of loud noises on hearing,” stated Doug Pick, president of HEAROS ear plugs. “For example, while vuvuzelas are part of the World Cup culture in South Africa, these horns can trigger both short-term and long-run hearing damage.”

As a result of rampant and painful vuvuzela fanfare, there are reports of a country-wide shortage of ear plugs in South Africa during the World Cup.

“It’s unfortunate but you could consider the vuvuzela a health risk,” notes Pick who distributes HEAROS in over 50,000 retail stores around the world. “Our ear plugs, like Xtreme Protection HEAROS - with a noise reduction rating of 33 – were designed to provide significant protection for soccer fans, players and coaches.”

HEAROS also offers ear plugs for enhanced sleep, studying, traveling, rock concerts, swimming, shooting and motor sports.

To further educate the public, HEAROS has expanded its one-of-a-kind trial program. For a limited time, visitors to http://www.HEAROS.com can select a complimentary pair of ear plugs from its most popular products – Ultimate Softness HEAROS, Xtreme Protection HEAROS and Sleep Pretty In Pink.

HEAROS is now giving away 2,000 ear plugs every day. On Monday, the daily sample limit was reached in just 81 minutes.

“HEAROS has a responsibility to educate the masses about the benefits of ear plugs,” Pick notes, “We plan on giving away over 1,000,000 ear plugs to help our customers protect their hearing.”