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Music Teachers Helper Launches New Features on Student Invoices and Online Payments

Music Teacher’s Helper has recently launched its newest feature to make it easier and more convenient for its students to be reminded of paying their invoices.


Murray, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2010 -- Music Teacher’s Helper has recently launched its newest feature to make it easier and more convenient for its students to be reminded of paying their invoices. This innovative web-based software on music lesson management lessens the hassles of reminding and updating the students regarding their latest invoices – helping them get such statement of accounts with all accuracy, consistency and efficiency.

When a music teacher uses MTH in his or her music teaching career and endeavors, he or she may choose from a wide variety of features and applications made readily available to its members. If you would subscribe to this music teacher’s program, you could get lots of advantages and benefits from it and be able to enjoy conveniences and easy access to different useful and effective music teaching resources.

MTH on Automatic Overdue Invoice Notifications and Online Payments

When a music teacher sends an updated invoice to his or her students, it is noticed that they tend to pay a lot more on time and on a regular basis. However, there have been some instances where some students still have to be kept reminded and need to be urged most of the times. That is why the concerned music teachers and the great minds behind this innovation have finally created and added Automatic Overdue Invoice Notifications to their system.

To be able to make this work for you, you need to follow a few easy steps accordingly.

• Go to the Settings Tab.
• Find E-mail Notifications.
• Then, give some click on it for your students to get an automated reminder if they don’t make a payment after a certain number of days after the due date.
• Another great option: You can set how long after the due date you want the reminder be sent to the corresponding students.

Thus, the music teacher has to bear in mind that Music Teacher’s Helper doesn’t relate and employ necessary payments directly to invoices. Instead, MTH directs it to the student’s account – having the MTH system assume that it’s the last invoice that’s due. With this, a reminder, which will only be sent once, will only be sent if no payments have been made since the latest invoice was sent.

So far, many members and subscribers of MTH have been enjoying this latest feature as they no longer need to have any misunderstandings and arguments with the students regarding financial issues and due invoices – getting rid of unnecessary confusions and conflicts.

More so, MTH has worked hard to fix its system’s bugs. Some of these are the modified Advanced Search options, the faster and more accurate Google Calendar sync feature, improved My Accounts Page, E-mail Templates, Repertoire Tracker and Income and/or Expense Report, now redirected Merchants Links to a valid page,

Needless to say, with all these developments and added features, Music Teacher’s Helper has been really helping more and more music educators all over the world for quite a long time. And as per its subscribers’ testimonials, comments and feedback, MTH has made their music teaching career a more progressive, productive, convenient and fun as it also helps them establish a more professional and effective music studio. MTH is indeed a great help to everyone!

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