The Sagemont School

At Sagemont, a College-prep in Broward, Early Education Program Mirrors College Prep Philosophy

Sagemont’s college prep philosophy starts with prekindergarten and kindergarten students who are exposed to targeted activities designed to be academically, physically and emotionally stimulating.


Weston, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2010 -- The Sagemont School strives to provide students with an enriching college-prep experience.

This includes a balance of challenging academics, extra-curricular activities and community service opportunities. Sagemont’s college prep philosophy starts with the school’s youngest students in Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Fun and engaging activities are presented to the early childhood students all with the intention of being academically, physically and emotionally stimulating.

The early education daily lessons include a blend of pre-reading, vocabulary and mathematics. The activities also foreshadow concepts in science and social studies. In addition, Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten students get to participate in the school’s program for music, Spanish, art, technology, PE and swimming.

At an early age, students are introduced to global concepts like community service projects. Last year, Sagemont Kindergarten students were challenged to do chores in order to earn money to buy shoes for a less fortunate Kindergarten class in Fort Lauderdale. The kids took to the assignment with gusto and were able to donate 50 pairs of shoes to the class.

Kindergarten teacher, Julie Wise, explained “This was an amazing experience for our class. It even inspired one student to start his own project of collecting dish soap to give to the Bird Sanctuary of Tampa in order to save birds endangered by the oil spill.”

Barbara Eisensmith, a Sagemont prekindergarten teacher for over ten year’s said, “Our students participate in the school wide PeaceWorks program which teaches youngsters how to be productive students, family members, and citizens. We incorporate the I-Care vocabulary into our daily activities.”

Sagemont’s early education team is trained in Differentiated Instruction which is geared to assessing each student’s learning style and level. Eisensmith added, “We practice the philosophy that each child is a unique individual and we work with the whole child and their needs.”

Computer education is introduced even at the prekindergarten level. Students are on computers frequently, and they are taught the basics using a special mouse designed for young hands. Wise said, “We even have kindergarten students who make their own power point presentations. They can look up information on the internet, and find clip art online to complete homework projects!”

Each year, the students perform in several on stage programs. These programs are geared to build poise, stage presence and confidence. This early training makes it easier for students to later perform in plays, sing in the chorus, and present oral projects. Eisensmith explained, “The children can be shy at first, but they end up having a great time presenting for their parents and family members.”

Sagemont’s prekindergarten and kindergarten students are very busy indeed. From learning early reading skills, keeping a daily journal starting in kindergarten to learning Spanish and swim stroke lessons, students go home with a sense of accomplishment. Parents know that their children are off to a good start.

The Sagemont School is a private school serving preschool students starting at age three through high school graduation. This respected college prep school caters to the Fort Lauderdale area, including Weston, Davie, Southwest Ranches, Cooper City, Miramar, and Sunrise. For students in preschool through grade 5, Sagemont provides core concepts in a creative environment combined with weekly specials that include science, art, music, Spanish for non-native & native speakers, swimming, PE and media and technology. From middle school through high school graduation, Sagemont students choose from a variety of regular, honors and AP course work. In addition, students share in a networked wireless laptop environment and participate in a comprehensive guidance program for college entrance. Visit The Sagemont School Web site at

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