Prank Me! for iPhone Supports iOS 4 Multitasking

JBMJBM the developer of Prank Me! iPhone app has announced support for iOS 4. The iOS 4 tested version is available for download from the iTunes store. Prank Me! is a funny app aimed to make prank call from your iPhone contacts by making use of the pre-recorded voices that comes with the app


College Station, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2010 -- Prank Me! lets you to create prank call scripts and by using those scripts you can generate a professional voice from a bunch of different kind of pre-recorded voices. The app consists of 28 prank characters with each character having different scripts to talk about by sequence, pre-packed or reorder the sequence.

Prank Me! was one of the smartest app in the planet with the ability to make prank call using different characters and making prank calls is so simple, just by taping on the call button will take you to the calling menu. So, with the support for iOS 4 the app comes with multitasking support and works efficiently by taking advantage of iOS 4.

The app doesn't even makes you bored after repeated usage, as it comes with the option to change the sequence of scripts and using this app will really prank others without revealing your identity. The app has a elegant design and a very easy to navigate functions and additionally you get free updates for additional characters and scripts.


Sequence – Using this feature you can select the audio clips that you want to play in sequence.

Re-order – Re-Order lets you to rearrange the list of audio that are played in a sequence.

Pre-Packed – This feature the sequence of audio clips that were pre packed

Free Updates- The developers have given words for free updates of character without any extra cost.

Pranked Voice Mail – This features enable adding a voice mail to call them back. Once called it let them know that they are being pranked.

“People like funny app to prank their friends and family, since we created an app for such kind, it was an instant hit among youngsters” says Brice Milliorn, CEO of JBMJBM.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that runs on iOS 3.0 or later and you can get more information on how to use the app from their iTunes app page below,

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