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Why QR Codes Can Save a Child's Life

QR Codes used as child Id and medical Id to keep kids safe!


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Surely we all have seen these little funky black and white squares called “QR Codes”. Invented in 1994 by Denso Wave QR Codes have now by far expanded their original use by the automotive industry. They are used on Real Estate signs, product packaging, on business cards, and so much more. But have you ever really figured the true sense of it and what this little square is capable of?

When used right, QR Codes can save a child’s life!

A San Diego mom who dedicated her time to find the perfect wearable Id for kids, created SmartKidsID child Id and medical Id products like Id bracelets and shoe Id tags. You can find her products at SmartKidsID Shop. They are affordable and come without membership or any fees - parents just have the cost of the product itself!

She used this smart technology to her advantage and implemented this system to make children’s emergency information accessible to a helper in high speed! “Due to its fast readability and great storage capacity QR Codes were the only solution for my child Id safety products. Especially with kids it is so important to have found something that is discreet, fast accessible, be used right on the spot when bought, reusable and something that can hold emergency and medical information at once.” said Christiana Thieler creator of SmartKidsID.

The use is really simple. SmartKidsID products each come with a pre-engraved unique QR Code that can be linked to a free child Id online profile. Secure and password protected profiles can be created at SmartKidsID. When buying a product the unique QR Code can be activated with a secret code that comes with the product and then linked with 1-click to the child Id profile.

When connected the helper can just access information the parents decided to make public. There are three different ways to access information. One is by using a smartphone and scanning the QR Code with the free ‘SmartKidsID’ App (or any other free QR Code Scanner App from the App Store); the second way is calling the 24/7 toll free help hotline shown on the product; and last is by going to the SmartKidsID website and enter the ID Code that can be found on the product into the field “Found Someone?”

The fastest way is accessing the information by scanning – It just takes a few seconds - A helper just holds the smartphone camera closely over the QR Code, presses SCAN and “Boom” there is all the information needed! He/she can see possible lifesaving medical information or click on the parents’ phone number and tell the parents that their child is safe and sound! This can shorten a child's traumatic experience significantly!

Try it now and see how fast you can help a child! Scan the QR Code that you find behind this link: SmartKidsID Test QR Code

Thanks to QR Codes – SmartKidsID can keep our loved ones safe on the go and give parents a peace of mind!

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