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Truck Accident Victims Can Access 9 Step Action Plan Right After an Accident

A trucking company may legally destroy important things like the driver’s logs or other evidence after an accident. That's why the 9 step NTA Action Plan© from National Truck Attorneys includes securing the black box, phone and txt record evidence before it's destroyed.


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2010 -- “Trucking accidents are different,” says veteran personal injury attorney Ken Hardison. “When big trucking companies and insurance adjustors are involved, it’s vital to gather and preserve evidence for your claim before it’s lost or destroyed.”

In 2007, the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) found that 4,584 trucks were involved in fatal accidents for the year, which accounts for 8.2 percent of the total fatal accidents in the country. 83,908 injuries resulted from truck accidents in that same year.

Representing these interests of truck accident victims, has installed a 9 step action plan for securing valuable evidence. This includes a national 24/7 hotline offering free, no obligation claim review. Upon suitability, National Truck Attorney will dispatch the victim’s information to a regional professional for investigation. The local law firm will then act to preserve evidence at both the scene of the accident and from many outside sources. There are no attorney costs to the victim without recovery.

For instance, demands computer data and GPS records from the on-board computers of the commercial vehicle. Next, they request cell phone and text messages from the driver’s phone. Further, it is their standard to request preservation of the driver’s log and search for any criminal history. Together with law enforcement, emergency response and hospital records, the National Truck Attorney co-counsel will ultimately try to piece together a second-by-second explanation of how the injury, death or disfigurement occurred.

With this evidence, the co-counsel will hire and advance payment for all necessary experts. They will evaluate victim injuries and pain. Next is to assist victim families in documenting psychological and cognitive damages, formulating a total claim including expected rehabilitation costs, lost wages and vehicle damages.

Once calculated, the firm sets out to settle, litigate or negotiate a final resolution. Their ultimate goal is to arrive at a fair and just cash settlement that speeds victim recovery.

Hardison says a truck accident case may be won or lost at the evidence gathering stage. “That’s why it’s vital National Truck Attorney be secured right after the truck accident. Too often, evidence is lost or destroyed after these big wrecks.”
National Truck Attorney LLC a free consultation and a free claim review for victims of a commercial truck accident anywhere in the continental United States.

For truck accidents in rural areas, tractor trailer accident victims and their families are encouraged to utilize the co-operative national law center National Truck Injury Hotline. By phoning 1-800-373-0202, consumers can obtain information, a free case review, obtain consultation without cost and even receive instant suggestions on preserving their claim.

Accidents that involve large trucks come with a set of problems and questions larger than those involving cars or other personal injury accidents. Choosing the right law center can make or break a truck case involving disability, disfigurement or wrongful death. This choice accounts for the difference in compensation that victims and their families receive from the trucking company or the insurance carrier. Accidents involving large semi-trucks are usually life threatening, and can affect the standard of living for years to come.

There is no question a victim or their family would contact a Truck Accident lawyer, but rather how to choose one. Often, truck accident victims assume that the trucking industry’s lawyer or insurance company is looking out for them seeking a rapid settlement. This proves false in most cases. The trucking industry representatives are clearly working for the trucking industry and not the victim, hence they seek the lowest settlement possible.

Without independent legal representation, truck accident victims are encouraged to settle the claim quicker and at much less than what they might need for a full recovery. Most of the injured do not fully understand their rights, the full extent of their damages and or how much compensation they actually need in the long run. Once a final settlement is signed, victims are often stuck with a short fall. If something vital about the truck accident surfaces at a later time, victims are very unlikely to get further help and will be out of luck. Yet, the medical bills will stack up for the victim to pay instead of the trucking company.

People usually turn to a regular lawyer after any accident. But, a personal injury lawyer specializing in accident injury claims will help you get justice and compensation for your truck accident injury claim. An accident which involves large trucks usually results in catastrophic injury or maybe even death. A personal injury lawyer specializing in accident cases involving truck accident knows what kind of medical tests are standard and, also know how to proceed with a case if your accident caused serious injuries. A truck accident lawyer also knows the ins and outs of trucking legislation and will be in a better position to help in deciding and proving the cause of your accident.

For those who need a Truck Accident/Injury Lawyer visit or phone the National Truck Injury Hotline at for help 24/7 – Admitted in North Carolina, National Truck Attorney LLC operates as Hardison & Cochran, PLLC whose principle office is 4800 Six Forks Road, Suite 220 Raleigh, NC 27609 While this firm maintains joint responsibility, cases of this type will be referred to local counsel for principal responsibility.

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