Canal Digital

Canal Digital With New Offers in Hd Television

The company is offering new HD pay-per-view channels and updating its receivers


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2010 -- Canal Digital has taken steps to efficiently compete with the other companies on the market by separating the Film1 HD and Sport1HD into different channels, thus providing more and different content to their audiences. Up until now, the company offered them in one single package which means that you have to buy both, even if you need only one of them. With prices of € 14.95 per month for the film channel , € 9.95 per month for the sports channel, Canal Digital strives to provide the best to its users, and thus to negate the offers of its competitors.

Another improvement brought by the company is the upgrade of its receivers. With those changes, Canal Digital plans to unveil a new experience for its users, thus allowing them to get the best out of their satellite TV plan. The new receivers will be quite more useful then the previous ones.

Canal Digital, which was once founded as a joint venture with the French Canal+, is now reaping success in the Scandinavian region with the many offers it presents to its users. While some might say that satellite TV (sattelit TV) in the Scandinavian region was introduced rather late than expected for such an economically advanced region, companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are doing their best efforts to provide the services which were known to the rest of the world, and user recognition of those services is vast. Canal digital was one of the first companies in the region to provide HD television, back in 2005, with the first HD channel called C More HD, while over time introducing more and different high-definition channels to its audience. Being one of the first gave the company a head start, but nevertheless the company kept its prestige and customers by regularly introducing new technologies and trends in the television providing branch.

Along with satellite TV, the company also offers some other services like IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol Television and is another very common standard in advanced countries.

Relying on a diverse range of offers, Canal Digital is struggling to find more and new ways to entertain its customers and take higher positions than its competitors like Viasat or TDC. So far they are managing to survive and keep their success in the Scandinavian regions, and time will tell how they’ll develop in future.