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UK Spring Manufacturer Involved In Creation of Environmentally Friendly Toilet Cistern


Keighley, Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2010 -- Over the past couple of years Airedale Springs Ltd has been involved in many "Green, Environmentally Friendly" product developments. With some more successful than others.

After a slow start, one product is now gaining some success. This is the Interflush which is water saving device that allows users to control the amount of water used to flush their toilets. The device has featured in the Yorkshire Post Business News (01/07/2010), was nominated for an Environmental Award (21/02/2009) in the same Newspaper, and has also featured on Look North and Calendar News Programs. The inventor - David Wilkes and his Company Varyflush also tried to promote his idea on the BBC's Dragons Den but was unsuccessful.

The product is a "retro fit" device for existing toilet cisterns, made from Plastic, Stainless Steel and Brass. It includes an Extension Spring and a Compression Spring manufactured from Type 316 Stainless Steel by Airedale Springs Ltd. The device could save up to 20% of the water consumption if introduced across the country, so could prove to be a very important product over the next few years. It has already gained some notable users: The National Portrait Gallery, a Maltese Government department and even Windsor Castle.

The Interflush is a gadget that can be fitted to standard, single flush toilet siphons to control the water used. The typical toilet flush uses more than is needed, but Interflush allows users to stop the flow as soon as all waste has disappeared down the pan.

Working on the principle that a siphon will stop flushing when air is allowed to enter it, Interflush introduces an air valve, which is closed when the flush handle is down, and open when the handle is up. The Spring's operate on the plunger and valve mechanism to ensure the valve opens when the handle is pulled up, thus stopping the water flow.

It is a winner of the Smart award, given by the former Department of Trade and Industry to products or services providing a significant technological advance.

Established in 1945 Airedale Springs Ltd. is a traditional family business which has gained a World-Wide reputation for up to the minute expertise, utilizing the latest technology in the production of quality springs.

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