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UNITS Portable Storage Unveils Next Generation Delivery System

Groundbreaking “ROBO-UNIT” Offers New Approach to Portable Storage with Extreme Mobility and Flexibility


Holly Springs, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2010 -- In an effort to give consumers the most convenient and affordable portable storage delivery system available, UNITS Portable Storage has unveiled the “ROBO-UNIT.” This new and revolutionary delivery system offers extreme mobility and flexibility for UNITS customers while guaranteeing unmatched convenience in container placement.

The “ROBO-UNIT” robot delivery system can lift up to 7,000 lbs, move up to 10,000 lbs and can place a storage container anywhere a full size vehicle can fit. Because of its flexibility and small size, the “ROBO-UNIT” can place containers in smaller areas such as city streets and cul-de-sacs in suburbs. Prior to the creation of the “ROBO-UNIT,” only consumers with a large enough space for drop off and pick up could rent a portable storage container.

“The ’ROBO- UNIT’ is completely changing the portable storage industry and will allow more consumers to use portable storage for moving and storage,” said UNITS Portable Storage COO, John Steeves. “Customers want more flexibility when it comes to where containers can be placed, and we have been searching for an alternative solution to transport and maneuver items once the UNITS container is delivered on site. This new delivery system provides that.”

Besides its flexibility and smaller size, the “ROBO-UNIT” offers several other improvements to traditional delivery systems that set it apart from the rest of the industry, including:

• A leveling system to stabilize the container while transporting so items inside won’t shift and break.
• Because the “ROBO-UNIT” carries the container, the truck stays in the street, meaning less property damage to driveways and lawns.
• An improved safety system securing the container to the truck. The “ROBO UNIT” locks to the back of the truck giving the container enhanced support and stability.
• Advanced technology that uses a motor and hydraulics.

“The ‘ROBO-UNIT’ better serves customers and everyone loves watching it in action,” adds Paul Cardosi, Owner of UNITS Portable Storage in Phoenix. “When that sky blue robot comes out, there is really a wow factor that draws a crowd on many residential streets. There really is nothing out there like it.”

For more information on UNITS Portable Storage, visit http://www.unitsstorage.com.

About UNITS Portable Storage
Founded in 2003 by Michael McAlhany, UNITS Portable Storage, a technology-leading, affordable and convenient portable storage company, provides a hassle-free solution to the moving process by offering door-to-door portable storage - saving customers both time and money. UNITS has raised the bar in portable storage quality, customer care and innovation while offering specifically designed containers that are water, mold and UV resistant. The company continues to grow aggressively and now has more than 40 locations operating throughout the nation. For more information, please visit http://www.unitsstorage.com.

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