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New Combination Lock Uses Images Instead of Numbers

IMAGE LOCK makes combinations easy to remember and fun


East Orleans, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- IMAGE LOCK reinvents the classic combination lock by replacing numbers with pictures on its dial. Now, instead of opening a lock with a sequence of digits like "21-42-7," a user may turn through icons such as "Cat-Heart-Umbrella". The new gadget is available on Kickstarter until December 21st and can be a practical stocking stuffer or party gift. The project is being run by Invention City together with inventor Ali Nawaz, a former Intelligence Officer with the US Recon Marines.

Nawaz was inspired to invent an easy to remember combination lock while serving on the front lines in Afghanistan. He brought his idea to Invention City for help in kickstarting a new business dedicated to creating a full line of IMAGE LOCK products. Nawaz explains:

"Locks with keys are not practical and combination locks with numbers can be difficult to remember, especially when you are dealing with multiple locks. I realized that there is a need for a lock with a combination that is easy for the owner to remember while still being as secure as a traditional lock. With all of this in mind, I came up with the idea for the IMAGE-LOCK, a combination lock with images."

A mechanical and truly non-digital gadget, the IMAGE-LOCK features hardened chrome steel and uses no batteries. Including shipping (in USA), a single IMAGE LOCK is available for a pledge of $11, two for $18 and three for $25. Great as a stocking stuffer and party favor, the first 2000 locks are already on their way from China and some deliveries are possible by Christmas. The goal of the Kickstarter is to sell through the first production run and begin tooling for additional IMAGE LOCK designs.

The IMAGE LOCK Kickstarter can be seen here :

The varieties of IMAGE-LOCK in pre-production stages include a bike lock and locks that can have their combinations set by their owners.

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