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Berkey Water Filters Announces Advanced Gravity-Based Filters for Home and Travel launches website to provide home users and travelers with complete water purification.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- Writing for "" columnist Diana Rodriquez makes a point of advocating the purification of water when traveling around the world for business or while on vacation. In her article, "Water Safety and International Travel" Diana Rodriquez writes, "Approximately 10 million people will travel internationally this year alone. Unfortunately, as many of fifty percent of that number will become ill from contaminated water. Water safety is a major concern for anyone traveling abroad. "

Ms. Rodriquez adds, "This means not only avoiding local drinking water, but abstaining from ingesting it while bathing or brushing your teeth. At no time should anyone drink water from the tap, at a restaurant or even in your hotel room." She cautions, "Medical professionals and travel specialists advise drinking reliable bottled water, sources of water that have been thoroughly boiled or water that has been run through a purification filter. With the use of a well designed water filter, travelers can have the comfort of knowing that they have filtered out harmful bacteria and other contaminants that can make them quite ill."

Meeting the urgent demands of travelers who need clean drinking water, as well as individuals who desire cleaner drinking water at home is the Berkey Company. Spokesperson Ken Watson describes their mission, "We are proud to offer the most advanced gravity based water filter available on the market today. These water filters come in units small enough to take along in a travel bag, or large enough to provide clean drinking water for your entire household. They are simple to use, and even our largest water filters do not require professional installation."

Ken wants everyone to know about their most popular model. He says, "Our website at offers information about our complete line of water filters. In addition, it has a section devoted to the 'Big Berkey Water Filter Revealed' as we like to call it. The Big Berkey is one of our standalone filters that works by use of gravity and needs no electricity. It can store over two gallons of water and will filter water at a rate of up to seven gallons an hour. This is enough for four individuals and fits easily into most home or work kitchens."

Ken Watson adds, "Our Berkey water filter does not require any source of electricity and can run without power in case of emergency or natural disaster. We offer our water filters in a Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial and Crown sizes. All of our water filters remove most chemicals, bad tastes and unpleasant odors. The Berkey water filter is so efficient at removing unwanted materials from water that it is classified as not just a filter, but a water purifier. In any Water Filter Comparison between the Berkey filter and a commercially produced water filter, the abilities of our line of filters far exceed that of the competition."

About Berkey Water Filter Info
The Berkey Company was founded in the 1990's as a small family owned and operated business that designed and sold water filters. Their original water filtration system was the Big Berkey, but their line has grown to include a variety of sizes of water filtration devices. These include water filters developed especially for travel and camping, to larger water filter units that can purify the water for an entire household.

In addition to water filters and filtration units, Berkey Water Filter features a number of other clean-water related products and accessories. This company prides itself on providing the ultimate in water filtration systems that not only fit conveniently into any household, but have the ability to remove water borne contamination to make safer the water we drink.