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Simplilearn Americas Announces Updated, Improved CBAP Training Courses

Improved new certification training courses will likely boost already-high success rates of Simplilearn students preparing for this rigorous, in-demand qualification, Simplilearn reports


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- Requiring at least 9000 hours of hands-on experience and a wide array of further qualifications, the International Institute of Business Analysis's Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) certification denotes the profession's true elite. Simplilearn Americas, LLC, today announced the availability of updated, improved versions of its industry-leading CBAP® preparation courses, with both self-guided and instructor-led versions being available. Simplilearn is one of the top certification education providers in the world and helps professionals prepare for obtaining everything from entry-level credentials to advanced, senior-level distinctions like CBAP®.

"In the world of business analysis, there is no acknowledgment that stands out more than the CBAP® certification bestowed by the IIBA," Simplilearn Americas representative Krisha Kumar stated, "And our newly revised CBAP® courses are going to make it even more convenient and practical for ambitious business analysts to acquire this important credential." The discipline of business analysis centers on finding ways to help companies achieve their strategic goals. Today, this often includes specifying the capabilities of new software tools, but it can also mean recommending reorganization, streamlining or upgrading processes, or encouraging the development of entirely new policies.

As the discipline has evolved in accordance with lessons learned in the academic world and through experience, consensus about the most effective approaches and techniques has also solidified. Many of these conclusions are collected in the highly respected Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® published by the IIBA, and this work guides the CBAP® certification, too.

Simplilearn's cbap certification courses have proven to be among the most effective of all at helping candidates prepare for this important, advanced credential. Business analysts who acquire the certification, studies have shown, command salaries anywhere from 10-13% higher than their peers who lack it, making it an excellent investment for most. Employers increasingly seek out the certification when hiring new business analysts or promoting those within their ranks, as well.

Simplilearn's newly updated cbap certification training is designed to mesh conveniently and productively with the busy lives of the professionals who pursue the CBAP®, and a 3-day money-back guarantee on all the company's online courses makes it easy to test this. The flexible cbap online training offerings include both self-paced courses and alternatives led by highly qualified instructors in live, Internet-based classroom sessions. A supplementary course focusing on the use of Microsoft Project for business analysis has also proved popular and is equally accessible and convenient.

As 96.2% of those who made use of previous versions of Simplilearn's CBAP® training courses ultimately passed the examination, it is expected that the improved versions of the courses will produce even more impressive results. Until November 28th, visitors to the Simplilearn website can save 25% off the regular price of the company's whole range of online courses, including the newly updated CBAP® classes. In addition to a wide array of top-quality online courses like the newly revised CBAP®, Simplilearn also provides face-to-face training at the company's hundreds of locations around the world.

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