Seducer: The Serious Player's Handbook

Is This Sexual Filth Or Seduction Redefined?


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- GRAPHIC SEX? Check. Tricks of dirty low down sexual seduction? Check. Over-the-top sexual satire of billionaires, kings, queens, presidents, and Hollywood? Check. Dangerously controversial mockery of Christianity, Islam, and the Sikh religion? Check. Such is the outrageous folder in David Justice's newly released guide book

Seducer: The Serious Player's Handbook.

Move over Tucker Max, now begins the reign of Seducer, the newest book series to join the elite league of American fratire genre. But, can David Justice fill the void left by Tucker Max after his last book, Jerks Finish First? Better yet, what would motivate a self-made millionaire, David Justice, to write a step by step guide book on the art of sexual seduction, high fashion, and then give it away for absolutely FREE? The thrill and glory of sex, of course… Indeed, throughout Seducer, he dishes out freaky if not gratuitous sex, exotic drugs, parties on yachts, comedy galore, rock n' roll, and psychotic advice on seduction - with sickening abandon.


Clearly, Justice draws from a vivid imagination and personal experience. He uses crazy romantic case studies and lively narrative that rocks the reader, as well as snappy dialogue, as a means of making his argument on seduction. The result is a page turner that's thrilling for some, but not to everybody's taste. Much as this book is a tribute to human sexuality it raises a lot of moral issues.

At best, Seducer is a laugh-out-loud fun read. At worst, it's an outrageously sleazy account of how best to manipulate women for sex and avoid commitment. To my dismay, Seducer: The Serious Player's Handbook objectifies women as pretty creatures that are great for one thing: sex. So, what message does Seducer send to young men?

That sex with more girls is better, obviously. This premise is wrong on many levels and can not be justified, but clearly the sex -crazed fans of this rogue's bible, don't care.


Guys love sex, money, and partying, but do guys love sex more than women? While young women may find Seducer fun to read, especially the sensational stories of exotic romance in far-off places, it's also plausible that they may learn tricks to self-protect unwanted seduction. Throughout Seducer's 15 chapters, David Justice serves up sexual seduction case studies that are as diverse as the art of seduction itself.

The legend of Casanova, comedians Jimmy Kimmel, and Arsenio Hall, pop acts Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Eminem, Beyonce, int'l porn star Sora Aoi, the Kardashians, Presidents Obama, Clinton, Kennedy, Putin, and China's Xi Jinping, and playboy billionaires Silvio Belusconi and Yuri Milner, are but a few top-notch case studies discussed throughout this book.

Published by Excelsior London Media LLC, a relatively new player on the publishing scene, Seducer is clearly not for the faint of heart. I give it three stars out of five were it

not for the graphic sexual scenes, casual drug use, and religious profanity that will anger purists among us.

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SEDUCER: The Serious Player's Handbook By David Justice
Forward by Abbishek "A.J." Bachchan
200 Page Excelsior London Press @ Copyright 2014-2015
ISBN 978-0-6159-59-405 E-Book
ISBN 978-0-6159-59-399 Paperback

E-Book available now at Excelsior London Media LLC on Facebook (Gumroad),

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