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Gabay and Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Announces Rhinoplasty Services for the New Year


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- With the holidays just around the corner, pressure piles high to prepare for the New Year. Aside from shopping for gifts and planning parties, some people might be concerned with their appearance. When it comes to setting a healthy New Year's resolution, not all body alterations can be done naturally with diet and exercise. For example, nose jobs should be performed by a professional surgeon, such as Dr. Raphael Gabay or Dr. Neil Gottlieb of Gabay and Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery.

Whether it is difficulty breathing, a broken bone or beauty reasons, the cosmetic surgeons in Philadelphia at Gabay and Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery can help. Experienced surgeons Dr. Raphael Gabay and Dr. Neil Gottlieb have conducted successful quality nose jobs at affordable prices. Their practices are safe and they offer the best medical enhancement suggestions for the size and shape of the patient's nose to fit his or her facial features.

A rhinoplasty procedure requires no overnight stay and uses anesthesia. During the surgery, the nostrils are cut, and the cartilage with the inner bone is reshaped to create a new appealing form.

For the first week after the procedure is done, a nasal splint must be worn for protection and healing. Patients should expect the typical swelling and bruising that develops during the healing process after the surgery, which lasts anywhere from a few days up to two weeks. Within six months, the nose will completely be healed.

For more information about their plastic surgery procedures in Philadelphia and to check out some before and after pictures of nose jobs performed at their facility, please visit their website.

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Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery provides safe and affordable cosmetic surgery to Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Dr. Gabay and Dr. Gottlieb consistently stay up to date with the latest technology and methodology to provide their patients with the best quality care. Fully qualified and certified surgeons and nursing staff provide individualized care to each patient they work with.

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