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Hosted PBX Phone Services Provider Broad Connect Telecom Excited to Be Leading the Way for North American Businesses


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Technological innovations are providing business and performance solution that are not only improving efficiency but also helping in cutting back operating cost, innovations such as cloud-based hosting solution; paperless technological solutions and hosted PBX carry these particular benefits. The adoption of Hosted PBX in particular seem to be on an upward drift which is mainly due to the performance benefits and cost savings compared to the unmanaged PBX systems and traditional phone system.

The adoption of a Hosted PBX system can allow businesses to save money due to the low up front capital requirements, on monthly operating costs and the cost incurred due to using inefficient systems such as the traditional phone system or an unmanaged PBX system. A Hosted PBX system as the name implies the entire telephone system is hosted or operated and maintained by the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider which also allows multiple locations, remote workers and workers on cell phones to connect to a single feature rich platform, allowing them to work from home, on their cell phone or a remote location. Hosted PBX is the type of a no-brainer solution that is cost-efficient and offers flexibility, scalability, and greater capacity. The business owners who get hosted PBX systems for their business are able to select desired features and services on demand making its extremely manageable. A hosted PBX system has the capability to grow as a business and the number of workers expands due to the system's capability to handle a growing amount of work which traditional phone systems cant.

This communications solution is especially suitable for small and medium sized businesses; the additional benefits that play an integral role in the rise of Hosted PBX sales include no upfront infrastructure costs, complete maintenance coverage, and built-in compliance functionalities. Current statistics on Hosted PBX system adoption and usage reveal that sales of premise-based PBX systems on a global scale have increased by more than 20% in 2013.

Jason Stephen Ali, Social Media Marketing Director for BroadConnect Telecom in regards to the rise in popularity of the Hosted PBX systems commented: "With solid features that include our industry leading virtual presence, offering published office numbers to off-site locations, and inter-office ext. dialing amongst a company's multiple sites, this can increase productivity which is the reason behind Hosted PBX system's growing popularity," he added: "Such as system can be of great use for small to mid-sized companies. Quick and stress-free to install"

It is necessary that Hosted PBX Phone Services provider should be able to deliver specially tailored systems that meet the unique requirement of each client business which are reliable, expandable and secure. Ali expressed his enthusiasm for being in the forefront as the provider of the revolutionary Hosted PBX technology for North American businesses.

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At BroadConnect, we operate our own North America wide private voice and data network. This allows us to control the first and last mile of service, meaning crystal clear voice calls that are securely delivered and are always prioritized over data communications. Our goal is to exceed established performance standards while offering our customers innovative communication solutions coupled with the highest personal service. Please visit and for more information.