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Living the Life: Novattione – New Author's Uplifting New Novel Spawns Life Changing Mentality


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- It has been a long time since a genuinely compelling new book has hit the literary world, especially one with the bold goal of changing humanity's outlook. With global unrest at a troubling high, there has never been a better time for K.M. Ashyleigh to introduce his book.

"Living the Life Novattione is a masterpiece of writing that is timeless. Read it today and you will be inspired in a certain area of your life. Read it again even years from now and you could find a revelation to boost your life," states Ashyleigh. "Living the Life is about 'Novattione' and 'Novattione' is about living your dream, to persevere and achieve your goal by any means necessary for the greater good of humanity."

What inspired him to write the book was the passion to elevate people's way of thinking. From politics to domestic life he touches all cores of our lives. He does this through a character that has a partition of his life and partitions of the lives of his acquaintances that made wealth from selling diamonds and gold in a country without a currency and rapped by poverty and corruption. The true jewel of the book is not how the character gains physical wealth, but his ethics, philosophies and ideas that enable him to adapt even in the deepest darkest coldest days of his life and made him shine like the SUN.

About K.M. Ashyleigh
London, England First-time author K.M. Ashyleigh, was born in 1992 in Zimbabwe. He is currently working on his second book and paintings which will be made available in mid 2015. He is inspired greatly by, Dreams from my father a wonderful book written by President Obama. K.M. Ashyleigh`s motto is, "The only one that can stop you is you".

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