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Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Shoe Size Conversion Charts is an online resource for people who purchase footwear online. Shoe Size Conversion Charts is a website that helps people measure their foot size, and provides generic and brand-specific international conversion charts to determine the correct shoe size to order online. The folks behind the website realized from experience that generic shoe size charts are not always helpful and can be misleading, as brands will vary quite a bit from the standard and from each other in terms of sizing. The frustrations they experienced first-hand with buying shoes on the internet drove them to aggregate as much brand-specific sizing information as possible in one place, in order to enable people to easily access it instead of having to waste much time gathering often unreliable bits and pieces on forums and other online resources.

Online shopping has transformed the internet into an enormous shopping mall, where brands from all over the world offer their products to buyers from any country. While a great development for both brands and their customers, this melting pot of products could easily confuse buyers regarding the different sizes each manufacturer from different parts of the world offer. Unlike clothing, which can be altered to get a correct fit, footwear's size cannot be modified, and so it's important to get the size right before ordering online in order to avoid the complications involving returns and shipping products back. Shoe Size Conversion Charts website aims to help make footwear size selection as quick, easy, and accurate as possible for buyers through their charts for women, men, big and small kids (ages 4-12), and toddlers and infants (ages 0 months to 4 years old). They also provide conversion charts for the US, Canada, UK, European shoe size, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, and Korea.

The Shoe Size Conversion Chart website features a page that provides a quick, easy, and effective step by step guide on how to measure shoe size with the help of everyday items and measuring tools available in practically any household. The website suggests: "If you're buying shoes from an international source or brand, make sure to convert the size from your country or region to that of the manufacturer by using our generic shoe size chart."

For buyers who already know the brand and model of shoes they will be buying, Shoe Size Conversion Charts offers brand specific charts which should be used to convert their shoe size to a brand specific size.

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Shoe Size Conversion Charts is a website that helps people measure their shoe size, and provides brand-specific charts to determine the correct shoe size to purchase online. The website offers conversion charts for men, women, kids, toddlers and babies for the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and Mexico.

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