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Zippy Marks Chalk Markers Offers Exclusive Discount on Their Promotion


West Allis, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Zippy Marks brand and vendors of liquid chalk marker have recently announced a limited time offer on their 8 piece, 6mm chisel tip liquid chalk markers on their amazon store. Zippy Marks are offering a 50% off discount on the line of markers as their promotion. The markers provide brilliant, long lasting colors, that does not smudge neither dries out too quickly or fade. Each 8 piece set includes 7 brilliant neon shades and a white colored liquid chalk marker most suitable for dark colored surfaces.

Liquid chalk markers are the new innovation that is quickly replacing its predecessor the regular chalk, the older, humble chalk despite its efficiency as a writing tool on blackboards and porous chalkboards had many weaknesses. Dusty, fragile and not versatile traditional chalk was not the best choice available but unfortunately in some cases it was the only choice. Liquid chalk markers first of all eliminate the heaps of dust and residue traditional chalk produces, the chalk powder from traditional chalks released in the air can trigger allergies including symptoms as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. Whereas Zippy Marks liquid chalk markers are dust free because the ink is water based providing bold color and a smooth defined finish. The chiseled 6mm tip is good for detailed work, the markers are perfect to use on non-porous chalkboards and blackboards, glass, bistros, whiteboards, mirrors, plastic, kids crafts, metal and ceramics. The ink is easily erasable with a wet wipe cloth. Lastly, liquid chalk markers are reliable because unlike tradition chalk, these to do not break due to pressure or falls. Zippy Marks liquid chalk markers are non-toxic, eco-friendly and adhere to green manufacturing standards. The highest quality materials and manufacturing processes were employed in the development of the markers.

The markers have received positive customer feedback, Bruno writes on Zippy Marks store: "I like this brand of chalk markers. Other ones I bought before had maybe half the amount of ink. This seems to have more so it should last longer. Color variety is pretty standard. I bought a different brand once and it was leaking from the tip when it arrived, so I'm glad this one did not do that. Packaging is plain but not an issue. It's well worth the price"

The 50% off Discount on Zippy Mark store can be availed for a limited time only on:

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Zippy Marks is a brand of Premium quality liquid chalk markers.

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