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Psychic Readings of Portland Introduces a New Interactive Past Life Regression Healing Program


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- A Psychic Healing Center located in South West Portland, called "Psychic Readings of Portland", has recently started to offer a comprehensive Past Life Regression healing program indicated to promote deep healing of long lasting emotional and physical problems and past life issues.

After 14 years of successful practice providing Psychic Readings, Medium Readings and Counseling, the center has now started providing an enhanced and interactive past life regression program which consists of combining the past life regression with childhood regression, identifying the original cause of a present life issue, related to a past life, or childhood trauma, and healing it. It also includes a self training tool which teaches clients how to have a past life regression on their own, after one or more sessions with the therapist, to complete and/or promote further healing.

This Past Life Regression method is a very powerful healing tool and can help people to get unstuck from long term blocks, & successfully make positive changes & move towards the desired goals.

Beside this Past Life Healing program , the Center continues to offer all other services provided so far, such as Accurate Psychic Readings Medium/Channeling Consultations, Psychic & Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Past Life Readings, Hypnotherapy, Angel Communication Sessions and Events, Law of Attraction Classes.

About Psychic Readings of Portland
Psychic Readings of Portland was founded in the United Kingdom, in London, in 1998 by British Clairvoyant Rebecca J. Rothery-White, Spiritual Healer, C.H.t., under the name of "White Psychic Readings", and originally served as a psychic research and events center. During the following year few other services were added, such as psychic readings, medium channeling, spiritual counseling, energy healing massage. The business was eventually transferred to Santa Barbara CA, when Rebecca R.W. moved permanently to the US in 2000. Business was then renamed to "Santa Barbara Psychic Readings". After 2 years the center's ownership was taken over by Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo, Psychic Counselor, Medium, REIKI Master, C.H.t. Cert. NLP, who after relocating to Portland Oregon, changed the business' name into "Psychic Readings of Portland"

The Center's goal & mission are to continue providing top Psychic Readings, Medium Readings, Past Life Regression, as well expanding the Energy Healing Service such as REIKI, Aura Scanning/Healing, NLP, Angel Communication classes, based on increased requests.

All sessions are provided in office and also by telephone world wide and, for clients who cannot travel and prefer to do the sessions from the comfort of their homes.

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