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Marketing Expert Tavis Bucklin of Seattle Discusses Authority Marketing in Recent Interview


Camano Island, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Authority marketing expert Tavis Bucklin discussed how his marketing firm helps clients achieve Authority Positioning in a recent interview published in The Weekly Informer.

While some businesses understand positioning and are using authority marketing methods, according to Bucklin a majority of business owners do not. Bucklin explains authority marketing., "In essence, authority marketing is a tool that allows entrepreneurs to leverage their knowledge, positioning them as an expert. Being in this position of authority helps amplify their message. This goes a long way in converting an audience of prospects into paying customers".

According to Bucklin, this strategy can be key to increasing a company's perceived value. Bucklin stated "Strategies used to gain this positioning for the client include media appearances and publications. These strategies also include anything, which can provide instant proof to our client's prospect that they are more qualified than their competitors. Increasing our clients perceived value leads to many benefits which impact every part of the sales cycle." However, even though many companies recognize how helpful it can be, Bucklin says their biggest problem is often the decision to take the first step. He talked about how many people tend to wait for someone else to name them experts in their field. Instead, it is necessary to move pro-actively to help others see why one firm is the authority in their marketplace and is an obvious choice over its competitors. "For most people who wait, this will never happen. No matter how educated they are, how much experience they get or how good they become at what they do. The chances of someone approaching them and declaring them an expert are slim at best," said Bucklin.

Building trust with prospective clients might seem like a clear way to close more deals, but according to Bucklin some companies focus on acquiring more customer leads to increase business.

Bucklin said, "The consensus is if 5 out of 100 leads convert to customers, you need 200 leads to gain 10 customers. Instead of increasing your leads why not focus your efforts on giving your leads a reason to do business with you over your competition? Authority builds trust, and trust increases conversions. When 20 of those 100 leads convert to paying customers you can spend a lot less time and money capturing and processing leads. That…is the focus."

It seems as though Bucklin has a plan to build a solid foundation for his clients with a target on quality over quantity.

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