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ESI Rental Boilers Launches Brand-New, Streamlined, Highly Informative Website

Company's new website will make the process of securing top-quality, temporary boiler capacity even easier and faster than before, ESI Rental Boilers reports


Kennesaw, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- ESI Rental Boilers announced the launch and availability of the company's brand-new website. The new site offers improved navigation and a more modern and attractive look than the previous one, and also incorporates responsive Web design techniques that make it perform smoothly on mobile devices. Updated contact and ordering systems also make it even easier for customers to arrange for the rental of high-quality, reliable fire-tube or water-tube boilers.

"We are proud to announce that our long-awaited new website has just launched," ESI Rental Boilers representative Nikki Sharp said, "Our greatly valued clients are going to find the experience of booking a boiler rental to be even simpler and more enjoyable than in the past."

ESI Rental Boilers is a subsidiary of ESI, the Steam & Power SPECIAL FORCESĀ®, one of the South's leading steam-power specialists. ESI Rental Boilers offers clients boiler rentals of both water-tube and fire-tube configurations, with capacities of up to 72,000 PPH of saturated steam in the former case and 800 output HP in the latter.

ESI Rental Boilers' fleet of trailer-mounted, top-quality boilers allows for the convenient and affordable temporary acquisition of boilers to meet every need. The units can be easily delivered at installed at any appropriate location, giving those needing industrial or commercial boilers valuable flexibility and impressively reliable service.

To ensure that the company's customers are never disappointed, ESI Rental Boilers commits to the highest standards of maintenance and service. A recent project, for example, saw the complete retrofitting and retubing of a pair of large, 72,000 PPH water-tube boilers, a demanding, intensive process that included upgrades to the boilers' controls and emissions equipment, as well.

The just-launched new ESI Rental Boilers website will make it even easier and more productive than before for customers to take advantage of the company's attractive rental offerings and other services. Simplified, fine-tuned navigation allows visitors to find exactly what they are looking for quickly, while a clean, appealing visual design makes the experience as enjoyable as possible. Site visitors will also find full specification sheets for the industrial boilers the company offers for rental.

The website's new contact system allows users to easily get in touch with whichever one of ESI Rental Boilers' dedicated, highly trained employees is best able to answer their questions, give a specific quote, or provide assistance of any sort. The new website is a result of ESI Rental Boilers' commitment to providing the industry's best customer experience and will be updated and tuned further as time goes on.

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of leading steam and power specialist ESI, ESI Rental Boilers provides customers with flexible, top-quality rentals of boilers and auxiliary equipment, as well as an array of useful related services.