Bitcoin POS Now Free of Volatility

NuovoPay a Point of Sale app by Nuovocard International is now open for testing and the wait for a Bitcoin & Altcoin debit card is finally over!


Bhubaneswar, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- The launch of the demo Bitcoin & Altcoin Point of Sale Android Application, NuovoPay, by Nuovocard International is all set to make waves amongst the crypto currency users the world over. This ground breaking Point-of-Sale(POS) solution to trade, buy and sell Bitcoins using a debit card, has been eagerly anticipated by the who's who of the world of Bitcoin promoters & users. The NuovoPay launch has also brought with it two market-changing revolutionary feature integrations; Insta-Freeze and Insta-Convert which claim to rid the transactions of market fluctuations. Another distinguishing feature which separates NuovoPay from the rest in the Bitcoin POS pack, is it's multi crypto-currency support which include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Darkcoin, Peercoin and NXT which are running on the Testnet network. Moreover, the platform is although in it's nascent stages, has already garnered the support with the industries' 3 leading exchanges ,i.e. Coinsetter, Hitbtc and Itbit.

Insta-Freeze is a feature that allows a merchant to accept Bitcoins and then automatically convert the Bitcoins into Fiat at a partner exchange .This eliminates any risks pertaining to market variations while accepting Bitcoins for merchants. Currently 3 currencies are integrated i.e. EURO, USD and SGD. For exchanging EURO and SGD, the platform will use ITBIT Exchange, whereas USD is via COINSETTER. The merchant can freely choose the currency and the exchange for their preferred conversions.

Insta-Convert is introduced to enable the purchaser to pay for a commodity in any of the supported Altcoins , even if the merchant uses Bitcoins as the only mode of payment. The NuovoPay app renders this possible by an internal instant conversion of the Altcoins into Bitcoins. And crdit the merchant in Bitcoins. As it is an instantaneous feature, Cardholders wont need to convert their Altcoins into Bitcoins to pay at a supporting merchant .The Merchants in turn get the advantage to generate growing sales without dealing with multiple Crypto Currencies. Currently, Litecoin and NXT have been integrated with this feature using HitBTC exchange.

With these new features, the team at NuovoCard says that their Bitcoin & Altcoin POS platform has pumped enough iron to knock any competition out of the ring. An obviously excited Neha Arora, founder at Nuovocard says, "Our team, constituent of true Bitcoin promoters, have closely followed the needs of the Bitcoin POS platforms today. By introducing Insta-Freeze and Insta-Convert features, our attempt at reducing the risks of market fluctuation and promoting the usage of Altcoins, we are hoping to add many more reasons for merchants to be open to accepting Bitcoin & Altcoin payments. The support that our partner exchanges are offering in answering to this screaming need of Bitcoin users is obviously invaluable."

About The NuovoPay App
The NuovoPay app is now available on the Google Playstore for free download. The development team at Nuovocard has informed us that the whole platform has been rigorously tested before this Demo Launch and Demo Launch is announced so that everyone can test the platform using Testnet Coins. Also, for the demo launch, only the QR card will be provided to the customers and it will be emailed to them instantly upon signup. The excitement is palpable in the words of Neha Arora as she says, "the occasion is of great anticipation and curiosity for not just the Nuovocard team, but also amongst the Bitcoin & Altcoin users watching keenly & waiting for all that Nuovocard promises to be. We send a shout-out to all who have or will show interest in us, to come and test the our NuovoPay app and our system to it's fullest. I assure all our prospective users that they will be thrilled at what we are aiming to offer."

The offerings are ambitious and revolutionary. A Bitcoin & Altcoin debit card, providing instant conversions into fiat or Altcoins into Bitcoins! With market-shattering transaction fee for online and instore transactions! NuovoCard's growth is something will be keenly followed by the world over. According to many experts , "Nuovocard International, will be the one to watch for if they succeed in their plans." As Nuovocard's team urges users, merchants & purchasers to come a take a dip into their delicious mix of offerings in the NuovoPay app, we too are waiting to report on how this revolution in the Bitcoin circuit unfolds in the future.