Bid Dollar Launch New Shopping and Entertainment Marketplace to Give Consumers Great Savings


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Bid A Dollar is helping consumers save money by offering great deals on all types of products. The new shopping market place is an auction site that will bring visitors to the site products at cheaper prices than at the shops. is pleased to announce the launch of the website and the release of the full mobile enabled version about three weeks ago. BidADollar is not an auction site and doesn't operate in the same way that penny auctions do. Items are listed at fixed competitive prices, so sellers recover their selling costs. Buyers purchase as many bids as they wish for $1 each.

There are thousands of available items, which can be purchased for the listed price or at the winning $1 bid chosen randomly at the close of the bid period. A portion of non-winning bids is rebated to the bidders so that they can be reused. This is different than penny auctions, where the entire bid monies belong to the seller.

Penny auctions are highly profitable for the sellers, but buyers generally do not fare as well. With the BidADollar style, the most any buyer must pay for a chance to win the item is a single dollar. In other ways, the website and mobile app works like an online catalog. Buyers can use the rebated bids to bid on other items, or to directly purchase items of interest.

The catalog offers many competitively priced items so that buyers have a wide selection from which to choose. Current examples include a vacation home, a riding lawn mower, and a guitar autographed by KISS. Categories available to bidders are found for clothes and jewelry to electronics, appliances, cars and even houses.

Learn more about the products offered by visiting the web pages at today.

About Bid A Dollar
BidADollar is a new method for resellers and other businesses to sell their products and a new way for buyers to optimize their purchases by gaining access to thousands of items that they can purchase or win for $1 bid!

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Address: PO Box 15788, Savannah, GA 31416
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