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The Advantage of Two Industries in One

Your Own Branded Social Network


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- The gaming industry is a 30 billion dollar industry that spans the world. From extremely simple games to pass time at work to games that pull the user into a whole new universe and a totally different identity, to provide an immersive experience and everything else in between, gaming has touched the lives of everyone who has access to digital devices. Your Own Branded Social Network is a novel concept that takes the power of gaming and harnesses the potential of social networking in one go.

Social networking, as a concept allows the creation and usage of user generated content. The amount of time people spend on social networking doubled between 2010 and 2012 and continues to grow exponentially. Your Own Branded Social Network combines the reach of social networking with the lure of gaming to enable the user not only gain popularity online, but also to make money.

The basic idea of Owned Branded Social Network is to gain publicity, recognition, respect, fame and money, BUT without having to invest huge amounts for any of it. More importantly, the element of risk is an absolute zero!

To this end, YOBN offers novel packages for beginners to create their own accounts, which will deliver their chosen games to players across the globe. These players in turn will play their favourite games, make in-game purchases and thereby provide revenue for the user / account holder and also recommend the game / games to others, thereby building a strong referral chain. The important thing to note here is that creating a game is a very tough task. And it is tougher to market it and place it in the right online stores, like Apple or Google Play. YOBN does this job on behalf of the user, by creating world-class games that are both user friendly and consist of attractive elements, and are all available in leading online stores. These games are not only available on desktop machines, but also on all hand-held devices, since the future of computing is handheld.

In short, YOBN's Owned Branded Social Network Package offers the ideal combination of gaming and social networking that allows users to cash in on the latest trends of gaming and social networking.

About YOBN
YOBN in an owned branded social networking site that provides users with accounts that allow them to share games, make money and earn recognition without the element of risk.

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