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A New Series of Artwork Relaunches Webantiphon Group


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- A new series of artwork that goes beyond the typical artistic attention to design and surface expression used in typical cause related marketing, designed to bridge the gap between potential and actuality, signifies the official relaunch WebAntiphon Group, which is known for helping people create relationship enhancing experiences that connect with boutique and emerging markets, especially, but not, exclusively focused on women.

"We have been around for some time, but we are using this new series of artworks to re-introduce art as a solution, where the artwork addresses both business and social challenges, thus putting the spotlight on issues such as abuse prevention and meaningfulness in marketing," said Yvette Dubel, the Founding Consultant of WebAntiphon Group .

"This new series of artwork will be providing a quantum view, combining U theory styled "presencing" with freakonomic inspired sensibility to bridge gaps between potential and vision," added Dubel, who targets an audience comprising Chief Executive Officers and Business Owners heading companies that need to protect or build brand equity, as well needing to build innovative strategies for the future

WebAntiphon Group , which uses a number of tools in achieving clients' objectives, believes the starting point to understanding client challenge(s) rest in first identifying the best paths forward.

"Without that, you won't be able to put together a program of activities to protect the client's brand equity, which is important in customer-loyalty equation. Besides, new approaches to risk management are needed to better navigate the disruptive innovation landscape," noted the company's spokesperson, whose foundation is built on:

- Strengthening customer connections to your brand
- Developing innovation or diversifying inclusion strategies
- Enhancing brand value and legacy
- Increasing customer loyalty
- Innovative research & development strategies, and
- Increasing sales for sustainable growth

The brainchild behind WebAntiphonGroup is Yvette Dubel, described by her peers and customers alike as one of the most committed big picture thought leaders they've ever encountered.

" I've never met a person who's so energetic or passionate about her work and about helping humanity. She's an innovative big-picture-thinker and keeps all the bases covered, Craig Chirinda, General Partner at Frontier Markets H-Fund.

"Yvette is wonderfully creative and passionate, as well as a great evangelist for art, culture, and technology. She is definitely a thought and idea leader, and worth listening to...," added Robert A. Rice, Experienced Startup Executive.

"Yvette's commitment to success for her clients, her team at Webantiphon and her network is inspirational. I have no problem recommending Yvette and look forward to working with her team more in the future," said  ScottWhitehead, Founder Zest City.

M. Voswinkel, the Founder at Buurtnet noted, "Yvette Dubel is one of these rare individuals outside the tech community who understands the importance of certain innovations to improve our lives and the social cohesion between diverse parts of society."

About WebAntiphon Group
WebAntiphon Group understands diversity. People are not demographic labels. Women are no exception. Art Based Solutions - free of the limitations of old mental models of market segmentation. We specialize in cultivating the meaningful relationships that will decide retention of value customer or partnership relationships in the future. The company helps persons create relationship enhancing experiences that connect with boutique and emerging markets, especially but not exclusively focused on women. Formerly conceptualized as a WebAntiphon Corporation (founded 2005) the Art as Service Business hit the reset button in 2006 and relaunched as WebAntiphon Group in 2011 with a new take on CRM (customer relationship management) Strategy and Risk Management.

Name: Yvette Dubel
Position: Founding Consultant
Phone: 252-505-9065
Business Name: WebAntiphon Group
Business Mailing Address: 101 Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV