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Hawthorne, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- WeBackgroundCheck.com reviews various companies who are in the business of doing background checks. The objective of the website is to become the go-to place for people and companies who are in need of the services of such companies to compare them and find the best background check service available to them.

The site uses a ranking system in order to determine which companies make the top of the list for best background check companies. The score given to a company uses a 5-star scale, with 5 stars being the highest score. There are 5 categories in all, each of which earns a star for the company if satisfied. The categories are:

-Quantity and Quality of Data. The main point of a background check is to get high amounts of accurate data. Thus, the site believes this to be the foremost category for ranking companies. A company cannot be part of the list if it offers limited, inaccurate, and/or inaccurate data.

-Price Model. The site gives a high score in this category if the company allows flexible and fair price selections to their customers.

-Search Dynamics. This category is for the technology used by the company for finding information. High points for this category are earned if the technology has exceptional speed and reach.

-Membership Features. Some background check companies provide benefits for their members. If these benefits are significantly advantageous, instead of trivial, the company gets a better score in this category.

-Security. This is for the protection of the companies' customers when it comes to their online transactions, especially payment. A company that doesn't have a safe payment system will not get a high score in this category.

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The site presents the companies in a table to give visitors a "snapshot" of the companies that made it to the top of the rankings. If desired, the visitor can get more detailed background check reviews to determine which the background check company is for his or her business.

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