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Innovitae Releases a New Article: "Online Storage of Virtual Data: A Better Solution for Businesses"


Lexington, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Every business knows the value of virtual data. This is the reason why various security applications are installed on computers to ensure safety of these data from any prohibited access and are also backed-up using external devices. Although this seems like feasible model at the beginning, this could become unreliable as the business starts to grow. Today, the more popular way of dealing with important data is through online data storage. Innovitae spoke in favor of the importance of cloud data storage in the newly released article "Online Storage of Virtual Data: A Better Solution for Businesses"

The advancement in technology has led a lot of companies to go online and offer their business globally. This equates to an increase in the number of records and business transactions to monitor from orders and deliveries. Relying on external backup devices and paper copies for record keeping is not as effective for a business with a global reach. Online cloud storage allows for easy retrieving and quick recovery of data.

Cloud storage solutions allow businesses to sidestep the possible risk of a significant amount of data at once. Saving data online also reduces clutter and paper, the necessity to go from one file cabinet to another in order to find a certain document when using traditional data storage methods is eliminated. Every document in the business can now be stored electronically on the internet making data retrieval convenient and fast. External storage devices and the physical storage methods are defenseless against accidents, in case of a fire, or a mere spill of liquids, flood or another misfortune; the chances are the data will not survive. This is every business owner's worst nightmare to happen which they have no control but could cost them millions of dollars. It is also possible that the data on the external devices may get ruined due to improper storage or use. There is no need to worry about all of these if virtual data are stored online.

The best aspect of cloud storage is its right affordability. Even for people who don't own a business can use this service for storing their important files. For a business, the cost of using cloud storage would be higher due to the amount of data but it is certainly a good investment. This service usually comes with a plan. See to it that the choose plan is perfect for the growing needs of a business. Do not just think about its current needs but also about the future. Make sure to clarify to the service provider that plans could possibly be upgraded anytime. Ensuring that when the need for more space suddenly increases changing from one plan to another is no hassle.

Security and privacy of the information has been a major concern for storing data online. However, rest assured most of the companies today that offer cloud storage solutions are doing their best to keep all the virtual data secure and private. It would be ideal to ask first the security practices and algorithm the company applies to ensure that the data is safe. One does not have to be a computer expert to learn how to use any storage service online, with just a few clicks backup of the important data is possible with cloud storage. The backup or storing could be done manually allowing one to select the files to back up or it could also be done automatically. All one has to do is to set some parameters and the data backup can be done even as one sleeps or is away from a computer.

Since virtual data is very important, it is vital for businesses to invest in a reliable online data storage service. Finding one is not that hard as long as a thorough research is performed prior to making the final choice.

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