Niteo Partners Consulting's in Depths Research Helps Thousands of Start-Up Companies Find Success

Niteo Partners Consulting ( is the world's first business research company that exclusively focuses on start-ups to help make them successful. The company is a reliable partner to all start-ups who need simple and cost-effective solutions. Whether they are looking for market research, business plan development, commercialization strategy, and competitive assessment or industry research.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- According to a study in 2014 by, 25% of start-up companies fail after 1 year, 36% fail after 2 years and 44% fail after 3 years and the numbers just go up from there. Companies that specialize in the information or transportation, communication and utility fields have the highest rate of failure with 63% and 55% of the businesses failing. However, Niteo Partners Consulting is seeking to help start-up companies beat those odds by giving providing customized market information to help them become successful.

Niteo Partners Consulting ( offers their customers two different areas of research. Diagnostic research is where they focus on market potential, share and characteristics, brand image, and business trends. Then there is curative research where they focus on segmentation, the product, pricing, distribution, and promotion. With their team of highly qualified researchers, they collect data from many different sources and analyse it to provide their clients with the best possible information for their business.

If a business needs in depth guidance, Niteo Partners Consulting offers six highly in depth and tailored services, even just four can take a business from a thought to a reality. In Business Planning and Analysis service they focus on the development of the business plan allowing the client to engross themselves in more pressing business matters. The Financial Analysis & Summary service is the next step for any business plan. In the Strategic & Tactical Planning process they lay out a clear goal spanning any time frame adding a competitive advantage for any new start-up. The Market Assessment & Analysis is a key piece for any successful start-up. The 7th biggest reason for any start-up to fail is lack of market awareness Niteo Partners can help make sure that a client's vision is a success. Niteo Partners Consulting goes out and supports the client's ideas with hard data and analysis based on market research.

They also offer an e-store where there are options for a business that may not need such in depth attention. These solutions are similar to the tailored services but in a scaled down and more affordable way such as Business Plan Development, Market and Competitive Research, Competitive Analysis, Feasibility Study, and New Market Assessment. Their website also offers a blog where businesses can gain valuable insight into the business world.

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About Niteo Partners Consulting
With two offices operating one being in Gurgaon, India and a representative office in London, Niteo Partners Consulting is reinventing the way that start-up companies begin their journey. With over 70 years of business experience, Niteo Partners Consulting is backed by some of the leading individuals in the market today.