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Alan Cherry's Exteriors Announces Availability for Hail Damage Repair


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- When raindrops are lifted high into the atmosphere and rapidly cooled by its freezing temperatures, hail is formed. As it does not require ground temperatures to be below freezing, it can form at any time of the year. While the harm is typically noticeable on cars and other various outdoor equipment and decorations, it can cause unseen detriment to the roof. Helping homeowners prevent the need for extensive repairs, Alan Cherry's Exteriors, known as a leader in South Jersey for home remodeling, has announced they have availabilities for hail damage repair. After every storm, it is important for a homeowner to have their roof thoroughly inspected to ensure everything is still structurally sound.

Sometimes a hailstorm may only knock a few shingles off the roof, put minor dents in the siding, or chip away paint in certain areas. However, it is very likely that while this may seem like the only damage, the roof may be in dire need of repair. In some cases, it can cause extensive granule loss greatly that will weaken shingles made from asphalt. While this process will occur over time if a significant amount has been removed, residents may want to replace those shingles.

The unseen damage that it can cause is from leaks that will lead to sagging roof supports. These are often created by tiny cracks in the shingles or from shingles that have shifted. If left unattended or improperly repaired, water can seep into the attic, not allowing mildew and mold to grow, but can also lead to the supports rotting. Once the rotting starts, owners will need to have their entire roof replaced by professional roofers like Alan Cherry's Exteriors.

For homeowners that suspect their house may have been damaged during a recent hailstorm, give the professionals at Alan Cherry's Exteriors a call today. As a respected name in South Jersey for remodeling, residents can trust the company to sure up the roof to survive any storm the upcoming winter has to drop on it. To learn more about the full list of services they offer, please visit their website.

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