Hatchie River Outfitters Becomes the Consumers First Choice for Hunting Products


Covington, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- Hatchie River Outfitters and owners, Bert and Leigh Ann Combs are pleased to announce that the well-equipped store and online business offers a huge selection of items related to hunting and outdoor outfitting at great prices. The motto of the store is "Anything for the outdoors, we can get it!"

Bert Combs has been in the hunting business for many years providing a quality service and providing his customers with any type of hunting product they need, hence the motto, "Anything for the outdoors, we can get it!" He has both business and practical experience related to hunting. He owns and operates a duck hunting guide service which opened in 1996 and is still going strong, which caters to visitors and locals alike. His accomplishments include the layout and patent design of the first handicap hunters duck blind elevator system built in the United States and endorsed by Kurt Thomas of the Wheeling Sportsman's of America. The patented duck-blind elevator system helps handicapped hunters to enjoy the sport.

Bert has been hunting for years, including as a boy when he played hooky from school in order to hunt. He is an avid hunter and is a certified shotgun instructor for the NRA (National Rifle Association).

Because of his wide hunting interests and the large store inventory, Bert has appeared in magazines such as Woods and Water Outdoors. He has also made appearances on WKBJ television and in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Dyersburg Gazette, Union City Daily Messenger and the Covington Leader. Bert Combs served for four years as a Constable for the State of Tennessee and was owner of a paint corporation.

Dozens of categories ranging from guns and gun storage to safety products to slings and holders are available to those who enjoy browsing. The website is well laid out with the ability to search for specific items or browse categories.

Hatchie River Outfitters has become the consumer's first choice for quality hunting products, helping hunting fans to find all the products they need at affordable prices.

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About Hatchie River Outfitters
Bert and Leigh Ann Combs are the owners of Hatchie River Outfitters store in Covington Tn.

*He has a website as well as the store front with over 40,000 items on line and free shipping.

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