GoCorporate Launches Online Service for Businesses to Gain Official Incorporation

GoCorporate.com announces web platform for business registration and Incorporation to take place without the services of an attorney.


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- In his online business column "The Professional Edge" writer John Moore wants everyone to know about the benefits of incorporating a new business. He writes in his article entitled "Professional Corporations – Why Incorporate?" that there are many very important benefits to operating as a corporation. John Moore explains, "All professional businesses and even the offices of physicians should incorporate to lower their level of progressive income tax. In Canada, to become incorporated is to literally ensure your financial well being for the future."

John Moore advises, "As a corporation that operates professionally, you have the tools to save your income and build for your retirement. Most importantly, with professional Incorporation you can later buy additional businesses or expand your current enterprise in an easier and more efficient fashion. There are, however, legal fees that come with Incorporation. In the end, the benefits will far outweigh these additional costs. Although these fees can be hard on the budget of any new business, paperwork must be go through the administration process for official Incorporation to be granted."

Meeting the needs of those individuals who wish to incorporate their new businesses without many of these legal costs, is the online platform Go Corporate. Company spokesperson Justin elaborates how their website makes Incorporation possible. "Using our user-friendly website to obtain online forms, anyone can complete the paperwork necessary for Incorporation and Business Registration without having to step foot in an attorney's office."

Justin continues, "We merely ask applicants to answer several questions based on the type of Incorporation they are requesting and secure payment using our PayPal Verified web pages. We then file their application with the Corporate Registry and thoroughly prepare the documents necessary for Incorporation. Within days, your Corporate Minute Book is securely delivered to your commercial or residential address anywhere in the Canadian territories."

As a representative of GoCorporate, Justin adds "All one has to do is select the right business package to meet their needs. We offer Sole Proprietorship, Multi-Class Incorporation and Standard Incorporation. The choice of Incorporation determines the questions that applicants are asked to answer and the details that are required for documentation to be processed. Our many satisfied customers tell us that they have been able to complete their online forms in as little as ten minutes."

Justin states, "We are proud to be able to offer this service online so that everyone has a chance to achieve official Incorporation. It doesn't matter whether the applicant is a small business person, an individual working alone or a well established executive group. Our online company prides itself in getting business registration accomplished without the high cost of having a legal office file all of the required paperwork."

About GoCorporate
The goal of this Internet platform is to assist business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate their companies under the law. Their friendly website lets online users accelerate the process of incorporation using several easy steps. Small business owners and individuals can now do the work with CoCorporate, and without the cost of having to see an attorney.