ReelMedia Launches SEO Marketing and Video Services for Emerging Companies announces their video marketing and production capabilities for increased corporate branding options.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- As a writer for the well-respected business journal "" columnist Steve Olenski explains the basis for why SEO is so important in today's global marketplace. "SEO or search engine optimization is the most efficient way to reach consumers from your company website. Compared to more old-fashioned advertising and marketing methods, SEO marketing is as cost-effective as it is effective in luring away customers from the competition."

In his online article "7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO" Steve Olenski further advises his readers, "Your website should involve many creative strategies to improve and reinforce your branding effort. This includes well written content, advanced graphics and video segments that will involve the imagination of your viewers. With these strategies in place, even small and start-up businesses will find a path towards greater success."

Meeting the needs of businesses that wish to bring a new creative edge to their corporate branding is the team at ReelMedia. Co-Founder and company spokesperson Edmund Ng elaborates on why their services are warmly welcomed by their many clients. "Our company can bring new ideas and design innovative marketing solutions to meet the challenges of the current marketplace. We have developed a series of SEO Services in Singapore that allow the websites of our clients to attract potential clients in a manner they never thought possible. Along with the addition of eye-catching online video marketing segments, their web pages can become a must-see online location for their current clientele as well."

Edmund Ng continues, "SEO strategies help you to attract those consumers who rely on such search engines as Google, using keywords that are targeted to a specific audience. These words work to further reinforce your branding efforts, as new viewers are literally drawn to your website. As more and more readers discover your web pages online, your ranking in the algorithm of the internet moves upward to place your company website in continuously higher positions. The goal is to attain the rank of number one and rule over your competition. We can not only help you get there, but assist you in staying in this profitable and lofty position."

"Our team also guides our clients into the world of video." Edmund Ng adds, "Along with our video producer Gabriel Jude, our team has the expertise to make video production an important part of any corporate website. While words tell a story, an expertly produced video segment adds a hint of Hollywood that everyone enjoys. Whether your video seeks to entertain or educate, it is probably going to be watched more than once. With this in mind, there can be no better way to invite your customer back to your business website and keep them there for the long-run."

About ReelMedia
The mission of ReelMedia is to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and already established companies in the power of search engine optimization services as part of their online marketing strategy. The team at ReelMedia is also able to take businesses and help them to remake their branding with the inclusion of well produced videos. In creating these videos, ReelMedia offers valuable expert advice and video production capabilities so that each of their clients have the chance to craft their own high ranking marketing campaigns.