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United Surety Bonds Highlights New Options for Increased Bonding Capacity in 2015

Contractors and others who provide the necessary background information in the next few weeks will enjoy increased bonding capacity and favorable terms in the coming year, United Surety Bonds reports


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- United Surety Bonds, a top construction bonds specialist, announced the availability of special new opportunities for businesses looking to increase their bonding capacity in the coming year. Clients of United Surety Bonds who collect and supply the necessary financial and other information in the coming weeks will be assured of having access to the best available bond quotes in 2015. Preparing in this way can therefore help contractors increase their bonding capacity for the upcoming year, as well as take advantage of the most attractive terms available.

"With 2015 nearly upon, now is an excellent time to think about and take care of bonding issues for the future," United Surety Bonds representative Thomas Hester said, "In fact, thanks to some special opportunities, those who get in touch with us in the coming days and weeks will be especially well-positioned to make the most of the year to come." According to The Surety & Fidelity Association of America, premiums paid for surety bonds of various sorts total close to $4 billion in the United States annually. These bonds can cover everything from encouraging contractors to live up to bids they win to ensuring that they finish their projects as agreed upon.

Arranging for such bonds, and on favorable terms, is therefore an important part of running a successful contracting business. United Surety Bonds is one of the industry's leaders at helping contractors and construction companies who have need of surety bonds to easily and quickly discover the most attractive options available. Unlike many in the industry who function as lead generators, handing off clients to particular bond agents after an initial meeting, United Surety Bonds specialists work with customers throughout the process, never being satisfied until the best possible solution has been settled upon.

United Surety Bonds representatives, for example, regularly negotiate with bond underwriters to obtain preferential terms for clients and are similarly diligent about securing bonds that match customers' particular needs, instead of the one-size-fits-all approach employed by many competitors. Generous premium payment options also make United Surety Bonds especially easy to work with, as does a level of customer service which ensures that loose ends are invariably taken care of.

Thanks to the company's close relationship with a number of A-rated, highly respected bond underwriters, United Surety Bonds will be able to offer especially attractive bonding options to clients who supply the necessary information in the coming weeks. The cyclical and seasonal nature of the construction industry means that bond terms can vary quite a bit as demand fluctuates, and the present time is particularly opportune for those seeking additional bond capacity. The company therefore recommends that prospective clients contact United Surety Bonds as soon as possible, and certainly before the end of the year, to ensure the best results for 2015.

Contractors and others can learn more at Unitedsuretybonds.com about these special opportunities and others. Visitors to the company's website can also easily arrange for free quotes and consultations.

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