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HelpWYZ Expands Social Media Engagement Services to Include Instagram Likes and Shares

HelpWYZ has helped businesses and artists increase their online social status on major networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and has now expanded to include Instagram in its range of services.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- Social media is the mercurial new format for the twenty first century, and ever since Facebook floated its stock, businesses have been hard at work trying to crack how to best exploit these arenas to generate leads and increase lifetime customer value. One key trait has become apparent- looking popular is the essential key to being popular, and a large following is a necessary endorsement for organic customers to begin following along. HelpWYZ helps businesses create this popularity with thousands of real profiles on all major social networks, and has added Instagram to its list of services.

HelpWYZ now offers clients the opportunity to buy Instagram followers and buy Instagram likes in figures between 100 and 100,000, including active followers, likes on videos and photos and more. Their promotion helps increase their customer's visibility and perceived popularity by adding real likes and followers. This initial surge of social proof can see campaigns pick up real viral momentum that would have been impossible without this initial marketing activity.

The services use a proprietary methodology with a strict screening process that abides by the social network's terms and conditions, ensuring no Instagram user will be banned or face punitive action as a result of using these services. To celebrate the launch, they are offering a limited time only discount of 50% off all packages.

A spokesperson for HelpWYZ explained, "Instagram has become an increasingly essential tool for promotion, especially with physical items, whether they be fashion items, practical tools or innovative gadgets. Because Instagram is an image heavy medium, it is already ahead of the trend for the rest of the internet, and all smart businesses know having a well established profile there will pay dividends when marketing. To help them do so, we have begun to offer a comprehensive suite of Instagram services and have slashed the prices for a limited time only, so that our early success stories can do our advertising for us."

About HelpWYZ
Whether people seek YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook, or Tumblr promotion, HelpWYZ has the solution. Their service provides bulk followers, comments and likes to key social media accounts and pages in an agreed upon, short period of time. The company proudly operates under the terms of the social networking sites through which they promote, and as such has never had a user banned.

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