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Zephrum Gates Productions Announces the Release of the New Audio Book of "Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure," by Tricia Riel


Arcata, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2015 -- "Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure," is a young adult fantasy that was released in paperback by Amazon's Create Space in October of 2013.The audio book was released on December 1st, 2014. The story includes encounters with a Troll, dealings with evil Goblins,and adventures with a lovesick Dragon. Inspired by the Harry Potter books, Riel says"the books are targeted to young teens, but is a great read for kids and adults alike. The audio book really brings the story to life."

From the moment the floating treasure chest appears above the water, this rollicking fairy tale brings us into the wonderful world of Zephrum Gates.

Goblins are at work and are doing their best to restore their nefarious leader to ultimate power. Although StrasidousRowpe has been reduced to a mere wisp of ether, his malevolent influence continues to inspire Goblins… and threaten Zephrum.

Zephrum is helped by a number of eccentric and magical people at her school, the newly started (Fiddlesticks School for Alternative Thinkers with Unusual Abilities). There, Zephrum and her friends develop their innate talents, learn circus arts, meet strange magical beings, and end up putting on a lively theatrical show that is "out of this world."

Although some of the teachers try to use science and earth wisdom to understand the chain of quirky catastrophes that keep happening, they can't really do much to keep Zephrum and her friends away from perplexing predicaments, strange sightings, and misplaced magic. Can she escape the dark doom that goblins have created for her? Can her friends keep her from the clutches of a distraught Dragon? Will they save the day and thwart the feeble efforts of StrasidousRowpe… before all is lost?

"Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure" will tickle your funny bone and keep you glued to the page as you bounce from one unforgettable event to the next.

About Tricia Riel
Tricia Riel is an Actor, Voice-over talent, and published Author. She holds a B.A. in Visual & Performing Arts from Syracuse University, an M.A. in Acting & Theatre Arts Production from Humboldt State University, and has years of experience teaching theatrics to all ages.

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