PayCoin Launches Official Cryptocurrency and PayBase, a Revolutionary Payment Platform for PayCoin

PayCoin are doubling down on the digital currency revolution, offering an alternative to both BitCoin and PayPal that will help people get the best of all worlds when paying online.


Mobile, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- Cryptocurrency has been making headlines throughout 2014, with some triumphs and some controversies. What is certain however is that the concept is here to stay, leaving entrepreneurs to find out what the best format for such a currency might be. The latest contender throwing its hat in the ring is also one of the strongest. PayCoin announced its new currency with detailed research and major investment backup, and has now announced PayBase- a PayPal style money platform that will allow PayCoin users to instantly transfer PayCoin to BitCoin or flat currencies as well as managing their investments and using it to pay for items.

The new platform is designed to be intuitive and user friendly, and to help people with little to no experience of cryptocurrency to begin understanding somewhat complex concepts like mining and staking, taking away the fear and enabling users to make the best of the power of cryptocurrency at the same time.

The currency itself is also backed by a treasury reserve of USD, giving PayCoin a level of guaranteed stability that cannot be matched by any current competitor. This is once again designed to give casual newcomers the peace of mind to adopt the currency where BitCoin seems to actively discourage them.

A spokesperson for PayCoins.biz explained, "The developers behind PayCoin have done in depth research into the limitations and possibilities of cryptocurrency and have used that to inform their approach. Unlike their competitors, they have focused all their efforts on maximizing the positive potential while minimizing the negative drawbacks and side effects. The result is the most robust and consumer-friendly cryptocurrency to ever enter the market, and with PayBase creating a single, unified client system to control all major uses for currency, there is no reason it cannot take the place of existing systems like PayPal."

About Pay Coin
Paycoin is brought to you by a proven team of professional developers and a multimillion dollar company backed by tremendous business acumen. Paycoin is backed by a reserve of US dollars that protects early adopters from risk. This means that users mining and staking Paycoin when launched can rest assured that the coins mined or staked will not dramatically decrease in value.

For more information please visit: http://paycoins.biz/