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SolarOrama Expands Solar Panel Installation Directory to Offer Comprehensive Nationwide Coverage has added hundreds of new recommended solar panel specialists to their nationwide directory, allowing everyone to get the best access to solar panel installation.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- Solar Panels are a crucial part of what has made Norway a country with 99% renewable energy. The US is far behind world leaders in this pursuit but its populace is doing a lot to help them catch up, and solar panels are finally becoming a popular choice for those who seek energy independence. Getting solar panels installed however can be difficult, and many people don't know where to begin searching for a provider of such a niche service. Luckily, SolarOrama exists to provide a database of recommended installers, and has just expanded its services to cover all fifty states.

SolarOrama's new solar installation database has been hugely expanded, in part thanks to the proliferation of companies offering solar panel installation services as the use of these energy efficient alternatives becomes more popular. In order to find the nearest recommended installers, individuals need only give their zip code and an email to be furnished with a list of nearby recommended companies.

Individuals can also use SolarOrama's local rate phone number to source local solar panel installation companies, and can also be assured of saving money with a lowest rate guarantee, personalized solutions and moneysaving solar panels.

A spokesperson for SolarOrama explained, "The great thing about investment in solar is its legacy- they will pay for themselves and even help owners create excess power that they can feed back into the grid for a subsidy, in time becoming a source of income. Importantly, they provide energy independence, allowing people to have a self contained home that does not require a power provider. With electricity rates increasing year on year, the sooner people begin saving the better. We can now help people all across the country do just that, and our expanded database includes all the best rated, best value companies available, allowing us to guarantee we can find our users the lowest rates."

About SolarOrama
SolarOrama is an online database specializing in helping people find a high quality, recommended and local solar panel installer. The site has a nationwide database covering all fifty states, and includes detailed listings with contact details and websites, using an automated email service to furnish people with quotes based on their location.

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