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Hamilton Bradbury Makes Umbrella Company Advantages Available to Agencies for 2015

Hamilton Bradbury has taken advantage of new changes to HMRC policy to enable them to help agencies report their figures directly, improving their clients’ earnings with less effort.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- Contractors have often drawn the short straw for taxation, with the HMRC more interested in protecting large companies and multinationals. However, many services including Managed Service Companies, Offshore Solutions, Employee Benefit Trusts and various other Employed Solutions have provided an alternative but HMRC has deemed these all non compliant and anyone using them runs a real risk of falling foul of the revenue. None of these can match an umbrella company for the take-home top-line and ease of lifestyle, cutting out 90% of the paperwork. Thanks to new changes that will allow Agencies to report directly to the HMRC in April 2015, Hamilton Bradbury Umbrella Company is now extending their money-saving services to agencies.

In order to help agencies get to grips with the possibilities for the new service, Hamilton Bradbury have published a new editorial to their website entitled "What is an umbrella company?", which lays out the key functions and advantages of an umbrella service.

These include saying goodbye to paperwork and administration, full employee status and statutory rights, market leading retention rates, speedy payments, a dedicated account manager and rock solid compliance. These advantages make it an obvious choices for contractors, but agencies will find all the same advantages not just for themselves but for their employees.

A spokesperson for Hamilton Bradbury explained, "It may seem counterintuitive to add another layer into the hierarchy of an agency by submitting the whole business to a top-level umbrella company, but the advantages far outweigh any concerns, as that top level exists solely to help improve the bottom-line for everyone involved. It also facilitates payments and improves bottom line take home earnings for everyone involved. We help small businesses get the same advantages big business gets without any worries about legality, and best of all, we take all the paperwork off our clients hands, reducing their workload by at least a third."

About Hamilton Bradbury
Hamilton Bradbury are the best umbrella company in the market, and specialize in helping clients retain a higher proportion of earnings and provide a support service to ensure that users don't get bogged down in paperwork and admin. Everyone involved in HAMILTON//BRADBURY has been in and around the contracting sector for most of their working lives. Built by contractors for contractors, their sole aim is making the lives of other contractors easier and more lucrative.

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