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Crossing Red Lights: 15 Year-Old Pens Breakthrough Mystery & Romance Novel, Can a Lone Girl Solve the Mystery of Her Parents' Disappearance

Crafted with skill and authority way beyond her years, Sadaf Ayaz’s ‘Crossing Red Lights’ keeps readers on the edge of their seats with a gripping coming-of-age story that mixes together an endless cocktail of emotions. Emma Green was just an average teenager until her parents went missing after a family drive through a thunderstorm. Suffering from amnesia but with her determination as high as ever, Emma sets out to break any rule necessary in order to uncover the truth. It’s hard to believe that such a bold adventure was written by a girl who is yet to finish high school.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- While most youngsters throw their rucksack down after a long day at school and have no intention of picking up a pen for as long as possible, Brooklyn's Sadaf Ayaz sets to work moonlighting as an author. Ayaz may only been fifteen, but her work is already rapidly proving that even young authors can rival their genre's bestsellers.

'Crossing Red Lights' masterfully weaves together an adventure of heartbreak, mystery, love and a tireless quest for the truth. Only Ayaz could have created such a gripping concept, and one that is captivating readers of all ages from coast to coast.


Crossing Red Lights is an action, coming-of-age mystery and romance novel that will have you at tears, joy, and utter confusion.

Emma Green is your average teenager - or so you might think. Emma has the perfect best friend, boyfriend, and family anyone would want, maybe that's why no one in the city of Brooklyn expects anything to go wrong in her life. But, oh boy, does everything go askew.

When Emma's parents go AWOL after a family drive in a thunderstorm, everything begins to crumble. Emma loses all hope when she awakes in the hospital with short-term amnesia, and there isn't a single hint as to where they can be. Following her instinct and not trusting the detective's shifty eyes, Emma and her friends set to find out exactly what happened that night, and who of all people did the terrible act. Breaking her self-motto of never breaking rules, Emma plays detective with a criminal twist and finds new love in the process.

But will it work? Can breaking the rules solve the mystery?

"I have been reading for as long as I can remember; something vital for any author who wants to make an impact," explains Ayaz, who hopes to become either a famous author or an Oncologist. "It has allowed me to expand my horizons and fill my head with thousands of story ideas. Yes, it is unconventional for someone as young as me to make waves in the literary world, but I've been immersed in stories and words my entire life."

Continuing, "The narrative will resonate with both young and old, leaving them championing for Emma's success, swooning in her love interests and even crying for her losses. Young readers will be able to relate to the struggles Emma faces while trying to uncover her parent's mystery amid the adversity of adolescence, while older readers will be able to relate to the time when their own children were growing up."

Readers have come out of the woodwork with extremely positive reviews. For example, Crystal Summers comments, "Sat down at 11 a.m to read this novel and finished by the evening. I didn't want to ever put it down. Good job Sadaf, I'll be ecstatic to read your next work! 5 stars for you!"

'Crossing Red Lights', from Virgo Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1yvh29J

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About Sadaf Ayaz
Sadaf Ayaz lives in Brooklyn, New York with her four siblings, parents, and no pets. She is a fifteen-year old junior at Brooklyn Technical High School. She dreams of becoming a famous author and an Oncologist. She likes to spend her free time talking with her friends, messing with her siblings, reading and writing, and watching occasional Pakistani dramas here and there.