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Dangerous Circumstances Can Be Avoided with a Few Spare Parts

Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse urges generator owners to have maintenance items on hand before disaster strikes


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- In anticipation of unpredictable, extreme weather events, Do-Cut's Power Equipment Warehouse recommends keeping indispensable generator parts on hand to ensure power is available when needed. As travel and communication become difficult in extreme weather conditions, it becomes increasingly difficult to gather what is necessary at the time of need.

During the winter season, a Nor'easter can yield heavy snow accumulation and cause widespread blackouts and travel problems… especially for delivery services. Once delivery services are limited or eliminated, it could be weeks before crucial parts are available. In other words, it might be too late to help with the current situation.

Many people opt to wait until the time of need to order spare generator parts. Thousands of other people will be in need as well, making parts availability difficult. During Super Storm Sandy, the number of generator part orders in that small region alone, placed a huge demand upon supply for basic maintenance items like air filters, oil filters and spark plugs. Orders went unfulfilled since demand far outpaced supply.

If a weather event leaves customers without power for two weeks, a back-up generator with a constant fuel supply will potentially run for 336 continuous hours. Maintenance is critical for worry-free use.

A few inexpensive backup parts kept on hand year-round could at the very least eliminate an inconvenience; at the most it could mean the difference between life and death. Loss prevention and general safety are big concerns for businesses owners since they must remain open during natural disasters. Lights, freezers and alarm systems depend on generators. Preparedness can save business owners thousands of dollars in lost revenue alone.

In addition to replacing wear items like oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs and fuses, owners should test their generator on a monthly basis to ensure it is working properly when needed.

If the generator runs on gasoline, the fuel should be kept fresh and/or treated with fuel stabilizer to preserve the fuel's volatility and protect against the negative effects of ethanol. Old, deteriorated fuel is one of the leading causes of tough starts.

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