Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery

Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery Announces Non-Invasive Methods of Care

Drbrentmorgan.com launches pain management care via noninvasive means.


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2014 -- Writing for the ABC News Medical Unit, Columnist C. Jasmine Karalakulasingam explains why the goal of seeking relief from back pain is so common among Americans. In her article "Beating Lower Back Pain -- Without Surgery." C. Jasmine Karalakulasingam explains, "As many as two-thirds of Americans report experiencing pain in their back and spinal region. The complications from their back pain can range from the merely uncomfortable to conditions with complications that can be quite severe."

Ms. Karalakulasingam reports, "For years, doctors researched how best to handle these patients and their painful medical conditions. However according to new findings in The Journal of the American Medical Association, patients who undergo nonsurgical treatments can often get the identical benefit as those who chose a surgically oriented option. Patients in their study found that the advantages of nonsurgical treatments were just as effective when managing pain symptoms, and allowing patients to resume activities in their normal lives."

Meeting the needs of those patients who wish to treat their back and spinal pain through nonsurgical means when medically possible is the Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery. The Institute is led by Dr. Brent Morgan, a neurosurgeon plano residents have come to trust for his background in the treatment of brain and spinal diseases. Dr. Morgan is also a back surgeon richardson patients have come to rely on for his use of nonsurgical treatments, pain management and traditional surgical procedures when necessary.

Medical Institute Spokesperson Natalie Drake describes Dr. Morgan's mission, "Since Dr. Brent Morgan returned to the Dallas area, he has been treating patients with both lumbar and cervical procedures. His expertise as a spine surgeon plano patients trust is well documented by his vast range of experience with a vast assortment of procedures, including laminectomies, fusions and the removal of tumors of the spinal cord. The doctor has also been involved in the treatment of intracranial vascular AVM's, brain tumors and a variety of brain disorders."

Natalie Drake goes onto elaborate on what makes this medical practice and the medical services of Dr. Morgan different. "There are times when patients benefit from the use of surgical procedures to treat their brain and spinal issues. Dr. Morgan is known for his conservative approach to surgery in the treatment of spinal disorders, with nonsurgical methods always attempted before surgery is seen as a necessary option. The doctor also relies on such active treatments as physical therapy and pain management techniques for patients whenever medically feasible."

Ms. Drake adds, "When surgical treatment is required, Dr. Morgan has the experience in state of the art treatments for both the spine and brain. He can perform these invasive treatments when appropriate to make the lives of his patients complete."

About Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery
The Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery offers a complete range of neurosurgical procedures and advanced techniques that treat a full spectrum of neurosurgical illnesses. This medical practice established by Dr. Brent Morgan is committed to compassionate care and pain management. The mission of the Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery is to treat all patients with nonsurgical techniques whenever medically feasible. Under the direction of Dr. Brent Morgan, the Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery is also able to offer patients an extensive assortment of surgical treatments, should these treatments be deemed necessary for the patient to regain their health.