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Best Running Shoes for Women Launches Latest Review in Light of Upward Running Trend

Women can improve their health and avoid injuries when armed with the right shoe shopping information, publishes


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2014 -- Figures from the Center for Health and Sciences reveal running at a pace of 10.9 mph can burn more than 1,200 calories per hour for an adult of average height and weight, landing this exercise at the top of their list of the most effective calorie burning activities. In fact, varying speeds and forms of running make up almost half this list. As knowledge of the health and weight loss benefits of running becomes increasingly widespread, the number of women taking part in this activity also remains on an upward trend.

Experts warn reaping the maximum benefits of running while keeping injuries at a minimum relies heavily on ensuring the participant wears the correct type of running shoe. With this in mind, Myla Miller of Best Running Shoes for Women has launched the company's latest review, found at Miller explained, "More than 90 percent of women believe comfort is the primary consideration when choosing running shoes, but this misconception is the primary culprit in cases of bone, muscle and tendon injuries of the legs and back. The purpose of our website is to help women find the best shoe for their needs."

Although it is important to purchase a shoe designed specifically for running, choosing one engineered distinctively for the runner's foot type is also vital. Each person's body type and foot structure are partially responsible for individual running techniques; furthermore, the arch of the foot helps with balance and propelling the runner forward. Because of these factors, ensuring running shoes fit properly and provide adequate arch support is crucial for avoiding injuries.

Generally, stability shoes are appropriate for those with normal arches and gaits, but they are not suited for those who have abnormally high or low arches. Those with low or minimal arches would benefit most from support shoes. These are designed to provide more ample cushioning while helping to distribute the runner's weight more evenly.

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Athletes with higher than average arches also need to be careful when choosing running footwear. Control shoes are geared toward higher arches and offer increased stability as well as motion control for deterring over-pronation.

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Concluded Miller, "While body type and foot construction play a major role in the types of shoes women need in order to run safely and comfortably, running venues should also be considered. Women who run mainly on trails will need a completely different type of shoe than those who do so on pavement or in the gym. The best shoes for each of these needs and every price range are discussed in great detail via our latest review."

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