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Panda Paper Roll Expands Product Catalog with Attractively Priced New Offerings

New additions to ATM and thermal paper product lines add even more variety to leading paper roll producer and seller's catalog, Panda Paper Roll reports


Jinan, Shandong -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2014 -- Panda Paper Roll, one of the world's top manufacturers and sellers of the paper rolls commonly used in ATMs, cash registers, and many other devices, announced that the company has expanded its product catalog with a number of new offerings. The new additions to the ATM paper and thermal paper roll categories will offer customers even more in the way of choice and flexibility, while maintaining the consistent quality and rock-bottom pricing that Panda Paper Roll has become known for. Since opening its doors in 1998, Panda Paper Roll has become one of the most influential and respected companies in the industry and today boasts a customer list that includes high-profile names like Epson, NCR, and Brother, spread around the globe.

"One of our founding, guiding principles has been a dedication to continual improvement," Panda Paper Roll Sales & Product Manager Frank Ouyang said, "Part of that commitment involves introducing new products as our customers' needs evolve. With the recent additions to our product catalog, we are even better positioned to continue leading the industry."

Because of the reliability, economics, and convenience of the technology, a wide range of electronic devices like automated teller machines, cash registers, and diagnostic equipment incorporate thermal printer components that require special paper. Almost invariably supplied in the form of rolls of particular dimensions, this paper is a consumable that must be replenished regularly by companies and organizations that make use of equipment that relies on it.

Panda Paper Roll was founded in 1998 in the city of Jinan in the Shangdong province of China with a goal of becoming a leading supplier of such paper roll products. Since then, the company has grown impressively, now occupying a position as one of the world's clear leaders.

By selling the company's products directly to buyers, instead of serving as a reseller as most competitors do, Panda Paper Roll consistently delivers prices that are 10% or more below those available elsewhere. At the same time, Panda Paper Roll's impressive quality management system ensures that the company's products are the best available anywhere, so customers can be sure of receiving supplies that will deliver the highest levels of reliability and quality.

Through consistently updating and improving the company's quality management system and conducting regular inspections of every production site, Panda Paper Roll, in fact, has been able to establish ever-increasing quality standards that put it clearly ahead of competitors. The company's commitment to honest, transparent dealing with customers has also helped it to grow into the force it is today, with this growth allowing it to acquire the kinds of high-end cutting, rewinding, and UV printing equipment that further solidifies its impressive position.

Those interested in learning about the new additions to the Panda Paper Roll product catalog can easily do so at the company's website. That site also serves as a primary retail source for Panda Paper Roll's many products, with a convenient, secure online ordering system allowing for the easy acquisition of anything the company offers.

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Founded in 1998, Panda Paper Roll has become a leading force in the industry by emphasizing transparency, honesty, and continual quality improvement while offering the lowest available, manufacturer-direct pricing on paper rolls of all kinds.