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The IMET Corporation Continues to Help Clients Build Success This Winter Season


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- The IMET Corporation is a contract manufacturer based out of Southampton, PA. They focus on autonomous manufacturing and they are renowned professionals in the printed circuit-board (PCB) assembly market. The PCBs that IMET produces have a wide variety of uses, from pinball machines to factory computing. IMET's skilled staff of manufacturers and engineers will use specialized automated systems to create top-quality electronic board assemblies for their clients, sporting low costs and quick production. IMET also provides comprehensive services in product development and specifically Electrical / Electronics Engineering. Product development and manufacturing are two ways that IMET will help their client's businesses grow and build success.

Building success is IMET's primary mission. They offer cutting-edge manufacturing for electronics technology. Using their expertise, IMET has served a wide variety of markets, including the military, scientific, consumer product, medical, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. They excel in each assignment through very specific goals.

IMET's goals are aimed at predicting the needs of each individual Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These goals include Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Cost Containment & Control, Peak Product Performance and Marketability. Through achieving these objectives, IMET brings their clients to success.

Product development has advanced leaps and bounds through IMET. Their 4-phase approach will simplify and streamline the product design process for any client. IMET starts with the initial customer contact, and then moves to identify product requirements and risks. After that, they work on engineering the product. After engineering is complete, the client's product is tested and verified. Following this, the design is finalized and the complete design package is sent to the client including all native file formats. Finally, the product will enter the manufacturing phase, including PCB, Cable and Final assembly procedures.

Contact IMET today for a consultation on their services in PCB assembly, contract manufacturing, electronics engineering, product development and more. IMET CEO Tom Krol strives to "get it right the first time" with his corporation's intuitive and customized product development solutions. Call IMET today at 866-537-2386.

About IMET
IMET is a service provider to companies that employ electronics devices in their proprietary products. The company serves a variety of industries, including consumer, military, aerospace, and industrial electronics products. When the appearance of a product is important, IMET can even call upon the assistance of an award-winning industrial design affiliate. In some cases, when product development may be handled by an OEM, production services may be contracted to IMET.

IMET Corp. was founded in 2000, in a rented garage. The company has undergone three major expansions and has enjoyed 400-percent growth during the height of the recent recession. Now operating in a company-owned 15,000-squarefoot facility in Southampton, PA, IMET has 25 employees and boasts the latest automated assembly machinery to achieve placement speeds to 10,500 components per hour. The resulting quality and economies account for so many clients returning from offshore manufacturing. IMET was recently was named 2014 Manufacturer of The Year by The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

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