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Nursing Wit and Wisdom: Uplifting Book Celebrates Humor, Truths & Inspiration Millions of 'Nightingales' Embrace in Their (Often Tumultuous!) Line of Duty

Masterfully crafted by Audrey Friedman, an RN with three-decades of experience, the second edition of ‘Nursing Wit and Wisdom: Truths, Humor and Wisdom from the Stethoscope to the Bedside’ will help any nurse stay excited and passionate about their unique responsibilities. Nursing isn’t a glamorous job, but the wit, wisdom and truths that millions of RNs develop and share often affords a lifetime of unique experiences caring for others. This book encapsulates that spirit, in conjunction with the author’s popular website and growing Facebook group.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2014 -- While nursing is often messy, challenging and won't buy that dream yacht in the Mediterranean, it's seemingly impossible to find another profession where people are so dedicated to and passionate about their day-to-day work. Audrey Friedman knows this first hand, with twenty-eight years in uniform and thousands of lives touched under her responsibility. When asked what keeps her so grounded and focused, Audrey is quick with an answer – putting it down to the essential truths, humor and wisdom that she and her colleagues have developed and share with gusto.

Having seen enormous success with the first edition of 'Nursing Wit and Wisdom: Truths, Humor and Wisdom from the Stethoscope to the Bedside', the second edition has now hit the shelves. In short, it's a volume that celebrates the collective spirit of nurses around the world; a book-bound reminder of how appreciated they are and how society wouldn't function without their care and support.


Nurses have the unique privilege to have a backstage pass to our patients and families journeys. In the process, we teach, listen, clean up things only your mother or a toxic waste company would touch, and love to wake up doctors in the middle of the night. And hopefully, we inspire and share our wisdom along the way. The journey is not only for them, but for us as well. Our own journey as nurses has been seeded by what we experience. Do you see them as gifts or challenges? Can both inspire you? I hope so! This is a perfect companion for nurses, nursing students, medical students and all those who share in a nurses life. Share it with someone! Inspire and Be Inspired, Nightingales!

"What nursing school doesn't teach you are the unique practices and traditions every nurse develops to keep both themselves sane, and their patients well cared for," admits Friedman, who frequently writes about and speaks on a myriad of different primary care topics. "For example, I don't just admit someone into the Intensive Care Unit; I add witticisms along the lines of "Hello, I am Audrey and will be your nurse today. Has anyone explained the rules of being in the ICU? One of mine is, 'If you sleep longer than an hour in the ICU, you're not getting your money's worth. So as your hostess nurse, I will make sure that happens." It helps take the edge off settling a nervous patient in, and is so effective that I always share it with new nurses joining the unit."

Continuing, "We need to teach all new nurses about the excitement of our work, and inspire them to care for their patients and their own colleagues in their own thoughtful, individual way. It's our responsibility to share our humor, truths and wisdom with them so they can one day pass it down to the next generation of RNs, and share it with every patient they meet during their long careers. You won't find that in any textbook and there's certainly no chapters that help nurses recognize and embrace how cherished they are. This is where my book fills a vital and growing gap."

Readers agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. For example, Jill Oldehoff comments, "I have had the pleasure to read quite a few of Audrey's work, and they have always been enjoyable, as well as educational. Don't miss out on a chance to read such a witty, informative, educational and memorable journey with insight only a dedicated nurse could share with us."

The author's unique 'Nursing Wit and Wisdom' project transcends beyond a book to also span Facebook and her own website of the same name. These expanding communities allow nurses to continue to the conversation and sharing of experiences and are rapidly bringing together nurses from around the world to share ideas, stories and support each other.

'Nursing Wit and Wisdom: Truths, Humor and Wisdom from the Stethoscope to the Bedside' is available now: http://amzn.to/1CyY4V4

Facebook group: http://on.fb.me/1zIYfHB

Book's official website: http://www.nursingwitandwisdom.com

About Audrey Friedman RN, CLNC
Audrey Friedman RN, CLNC has been a nurse for over 28 years. Her experience includes Critical Care, Bone Marrow Transplant, Oncology, Oncology Breast Cancer/Breast Health Navigator, NICU, Education, Case Management and Legal Nursing. She has written a variety of nursing related projects including a chapter on Work Life Balance for the Oncology Nursing Society graduate management textbook, a previous edition of Nursing Wit and Wisdom and multiple articles on health and patient education regarding Living Wills and patient preparedness. Audrey was an annual speaker at the Colorado Day of Caring conference with conference topics including, "Surviving the First Year of a Cancer Diagnosis" and "Managing Side Effects of Chemotherapy" and coordinated a Breast Health Nurse Navigator patient and community resource area at the Day of Caring conferences where patients and families could meet with a navigator. She also previously coordinated Breast Health Specialist professional networking programs in Colorado. She loves to orient, precept and mentor nurses and nursing students. Her website and Facebook page entitled, "Nursing Wit and Wisdom" is dedicated to providing inspiration, education, preceptor programming, resources, and nurse mentoring.